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3 Easy Steps to Work Virtually With a Designer

by DecorMatters|Oct 27, 2022

A striking ensemble of twinned scarlet furniture sets boasting bold red backdrops raises your heartbeat, and you think it will be the perfect fit for your remodeled boudoir. $10,000 later, and your intended sexy sanctuary feels more like a permanent period.

The great thing about modern times is that virtual tools and apps let us visualize designs and make mistakes before we spend buckets on that bright crimson paint.

Neutral toned bedroom

📸: @mindyoursouthernmanor

Though even the most creative minds can create visualizations that still feel a little daunting to put into action, and sometimes you simply need a designer to reassure you of the best use of your space. That’s why we’ve put together a nifty guide to help you best express your desires and work with designers efficiently. Let’s get to it.

1. Pre-Call: Let Your Inspiration Run Wild

It takes talent to design the next Rancho Mirage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pinch a few ideas. When looking for interior design inspiration, it's simpler than ever to pop onto Pinterest, mix and match a wide variety of user and brand-generated designs, and start bookmarking your favorite #kitchengoals. But don’t you hate it when you take days to find your dream setup, to spend months searching home decor stores for equivalent appliances that match your style and budget? 

Neutral, Cozy Living Room

📸: @forthehome

DecorMatters has an abundance of design templates, wishlists, and creative home decoration ideas. With millions of pieces from over 30 popular furniture brands in our home design app, interior design has never been more convenient and smart. Our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm empowers product recommendations, saving you time and energy by efficiently serving up the most relevant content based on your preferences.

You create image boards with real products, and when you upload photos of your room and objects, you can even visualize new brands side by side with your personal items.

Dark Cabinet, light flooring kitchen space

📸: @aea_interiors

In just a few touches, you can use our design app to assist you with choosing the perfect wall color or setting up your home office’s zen-infused plant display—all before the call with the designer. This way, you can skip the back and forth and get straight into the styles, products, and price tags you really want.

2. On Call: Lay the Foundations

You’re excited to share your ideas with your designer, but something still feels like it’s missing. Designers to the rescue. They are the perfect solution to bring fresh eyes and unexpected ideas while making sure your gorgeous space is actually functional.

Neutral dining room and kitchen

📸: @plumepompon

The first call is about style, palette, and project goals—and usually involves a lot of listening and observation from the designer's side. They prompt you on who uses the room and how often, along with anticipated changes in the family structure, to ensure that the space meets your needs and taste for years to come. 

But when they have already received your prints and design goals saved on your DecorMatters app, you can start ironing out the specifics: Will that kitchen tile lay down easily? Is that fabric likely to hold stains? The best part about working with a designer is you get the inside scoop on how things work—and which craftsmen can make it happen.

3. Post Call: Make It Real—Virtually

While AI helped in serving up the most relevant inspirations based on your preferences, and the designer gave you realistic insights to extend the possibilities, augmented reality (AR) is here to make your designs real—virtually. You can build digital replicas of your room with a scope of different ornaments, wallpapers, and lighting conditions and even glance at it from different camera angles.

Open, white living room


Didn’t that giant sofa look fantastic in the brochure the designer sent you? But wouldn’t it have been great if you realized it was too big before you tried to get it in the room? Our DecorMatters app has an AR ruler and AR viewer so that you can construct and visualize life-like room layouts all from your mobile phone. And because our furniture store uses real-size measurements from 3D models of objects, you can create an experience as close to reality as possible and smart-fill remaining areas, respectively.

Never waste another penny; start building your dream digitally and see where your imagination takes you.

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