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The Dream Spot for Writers and Bookworms

by DecorMatters|Nov 04, 2021

Any bookworm can relate to the enchantment of getting hooked on a great story, the quest for finding answers to a unravelable mystery, and the implications of getting lost in another world. However, this experience wouldn’t be the same without understanding the importance of light, comfort, and peaceful environments to stay focused and immerse themselves in their readings.

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📸: @love_lives_here

Books are not only our unconditional friends but can also add a personal and sophisticated touch to any room. From eye-catching shelves in our closets to warm and inviting corners in our living rooms.

Regardless of the scene you want to create, those who treasure books wish to make a special spot for them and keep them ready to be read over and over again. Even so, if you are a writer, picking and setting up the perfect area can spark your creativity.

Here are some tips for designing a dazzling space to enjoy your stories.

Creating a Special Nook

Reading and writing are the kind of ventures where you can travel through infinite imaginary worlds without moving a single finger. But this usually means that you need a cozy place to savor each moment of your experience.

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📸: @marzena.marideko

Your spot will allow you to have the opportunity to express yourself. Make it your own by choosing your favorite colors, mixing bright and dark to create contrast, finding a comfortable chair, maybe getting a lumbar pillow, and accessorizing with your personal style.

The goal is to make it pleasant and comfortable for the reading and writing marathons that you will have.

Disruptive Bookshelves

Books don’t necessarily have to be lined up uniformly. You can play with vertical and horizontal rows, maintaining good use of space and layout, so you can add as many books as you want to your library. Some designers recommend organizing books by color, but a few bookworms prefer to place them by size. Explore your book’s position as much as you want; just remember to maintain symmetry.

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📸: @lulumoonowlbooks

When it comes to bookshelves, there are no rules. Your creativity is your only tool. A lovely option is to highlight the background with a dark color like gray, add your favorite print with wallpaper, or play with multiple color contrasts.

Make the most of the available space. Art and books are a match made in heaven. Aside from playing with colors, prop your bookshelves with frames, postcards, sculptures, or small adornments, according to the style of the room. This will help add a sophisticated and warm touch.

Spark the Nook with the Right Light

Imagine you’re digging in or writing an exciting novel or reading an enthralling best-seller, and your eyes begin to close because you feel fatigued. You want to continue, but they shout for more light, so you stop making such much effort to keep them open. This is why lighting is as important as books for writers and bookworms.

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📸: @yasmin_interiors

Bright light is optimal for a space where work is as intense as reading and writing. Experts recommend halogen and fluorescent rather than incandescent bulbs because those give a better page illumination.

But be careful with the light angle; shadows can interfere. To prevent them, right-handed readers should position the light hitting the text on their left-hand side and vice versa. Keep this in mind to best optimize your workspace.

Keep Your Gadgets at Hand

Setting up a spot for writing and reading is something similar to merging art and science. You want an aesthetically appealing place but also a pleasant and practical spot to fulfill your needs.

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📸: @casafilipe

Don’t feel intimidated by the numerous options. Listen to your inner voice, keep in mind the general advice from experts, and start recreating your ideal place to enjoy your stories. And if you want to explore more about your book room possibilities, click here.

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