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Xinyi’s New Home Design with the DecorMatters App

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 20, 2022

Xinyi began working at DecorMatters in October of 2016 and recently purchased a new home with her husband. As excited as they were for this new venture in their life, they were dreading the stressful process of designing an entire home from scratch.


Xinyi and her husband were given the keys to a completely empty home. Starting with a blank slate can be exciting because you’re given the freedom to design your home exactly how you want it, but it can also be intimidating because there are so many ways things could go! Their minds raced with endless ideas and interior design styles of what their new house plans could become. Since they could not visualize the finished product without actually bringing in furniture and decor, they decided on their necessary items first and built their designs around that.

Step 1: Find inspiration

Before she let her thoughts run further, Xinyi knew she needed to narrow down her options and ideas for decorating her new home, which is an essential step to moving forward with the design process. She began to collect inspiration from multiple platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, and the DecorMatters app. After collecting an album of her favorite styles and designs, Xinyi discussed them with her husband, and eventually, they were on the same page about their future home design.

Step 2: Designing with DecorMatters App

The free DecorMatters app is a helpful space for you to play around with new home design ideas because it allows you to take a photo of your space and design directly in that space so that you can truly visualize what your design will look like in your new house plans. However, she found that her empty rooms lacked good angles and lighting to design efficiently. So, Xinyi took advantage of the many templates in the DecorMatters app and began designing each room from there.

Step 3: Furniture shopping and designing

They saved a generous amount of furniture pieces to their wishlist on the DecorMatters app to keep all of their inspiration in once place as a guide for them in their furniture shopping adventure. Then, they visited local furniture stores every weekend to find similar items to their saved pieces and designs. A tip for buying new furniture and for those decorating a new home on a budget is to save all your favorite furniture pieces to your wishlist regardless of the price because you will find that as you begin shopping for furniture, you can find items similar to the ones you saved for a more affordable price. Decorating on a budget should not limit your new home interior design ideas or make you sacrifice your dream home look!

As they gradually purchased and gathered more items for their new home, they relied on the DecorMatters app to help them figure out what pieces would work with the furniture and home decor that was already purchased and in place. For example, they were unsure of what color curtain would match their living room design best, so they added different colored curtains from the app to help them decide before choosing the gray ones!

They repeated this process for the finishing touches with their kitchen lighting and artwork in their dining room with the DecorMatters app.

Xinyi and her husband even fell in love with the artwork in the dining room and purchased it straight from the app!

Step 4: Add finishing details

We’re so excited to show you the final result of their three-month home design journey! Take a look at the following design strips to see the before, during, and after the process.

The task of decorating an entire home can be stressful and difficult with having to gather home interior design ideas for every room all at once. The free DecorMatters app can turn this stressful process into an enjoyable one by helping you design every room at your fingertips before approaching the real spaces in your home.

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