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Bring A Fresh Look To Your Room With Our Bedroom Design App

Visualize, share and buy your ideas in real-time with the DecorMatters free bedroom design app.

Join over 10 million users on the best bedroom design app, DecorMatters

Are you ready to design the bedroom of your dreams? With our bedroom design app, it's easy to revamp your bedroom into the relaxing, stylish oasis you desire. We are revolutionizing interior design and furniture/decor shopping through the power of technology. Find out how DecorMatters and our bedroom layout app can transform your visions into reality.

Technology Lets Our Bedroom Design App Fuel Your Creative Fire

Our design-your-own bedroom app uses the latest technology to make your visions come to life.

Augmented Reality
With our AR technology, users of our bedroom layout app are able to view their design virtually from the comfort of their own homes. Easily pick the perfect decor and furniture for your bedroom before you spend a dime

Artificial Intelligence
The AI algorithm used in our design-your-bedroom app will help you save time by driving relevant product recommendations and content to you.

Technology Lets Our Bedroom Design App Fuel Your Creative Fire

See Your Dreams Take Shape Right Before Your Eyes

Our bedroom design app was created to be versatile, fun, and easy to use. You can start designing your room by using one of our templates or uploading a photo of your bedroom. The app allows you to quickly and easily test different colors or different pieces of furniture or decor to see how they look in your bedroom.

Whether you're a budding interior designer or just looking to do some DIY revamping of your own bedroom, the DecorMatters interior design app will help you bring your dreams to life.

See Your Dreams Take Shape Right Before Your Eyes

Upgrade to Premium to Get the Complete Bedroom Design App Experience

Although you can access most of our bedroom design app for free, a premium membership gives you even more. With a membership plan, you can use the app's exclusive features, including:

● Furniture & Room Uploads
● Filters
● Background Eraser
● AR Ruler
● Wishlist
● And More

Upgrade to Premium to Get the Complete Bedroom Design App Experience

Download the Best Bedroom Design App & Start Creating

DecorMatters is dedicated to bringing together interior designers and planners, furniture shoppers, and furniture/decor retailers to create a community that can share creative inspiration and makes home design easier and more affordable. Find out how DecorMatters and our bedroom design app can help you.

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Our users are loving our interior design app

Our users are loving us

Therapy app!-coola
I’ve been a member since April 2021. DecorMatters is my favorite “therapy” app. I love the opportunity to be creative, view the incredible designs from others and mostly because of the encouraging community of designers. Best interior design app!
Cool app!-Itachixxxxx
This app is so freaking cool! I had my eyes on a sofa from Pottery Barn for the longest time, but I wasn’t sure if it would match with my current living room. My wife and I were really frustrated because we did not want to spend that much money on something that we would end up hating. So, I went on the app store and did some searching. I came across DecorMatters and to my surprise, I was so happy and grateful. The augmented reality option makes my life SO much easier because I can finally be able to design my room just the way I like it without having to run back and forth from the furniture store lol!!! If you guys are looking for a good room design app, be sure to check out this one because it is totally worth it.
Love this app!-IIwDr.Remulac
What’s not to love about this app?! I’ve been using this app for over 1 year now and still haven’t grown tired of playing. Every challenge is unique and fun and even though most challenges have certain requirements it still gives you enough options to make it your own. The game is perfectly done as far as animations and the furniture looks identical to its real life versions and any piece you like has a direct link to the website so you can see and possibly buy the piece of furniture in real life.

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