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It’s Not All Overheads. How You Can Use Different Lighting in Your Home

by DecorMatters|Sep 27, 2022

No matter what time of day it is, the lighting in your house is one of the most crucial aspects of how you feel in your living space. Studies show that proper lighting can improve mood and even stabilize our circadian rhythm, improving our sleep quality and adjusting us to specific sleep times and patterns.

Warm colored bedroom, chandelier, yellow accent decor 

📸: @danidazey

Besides, having different lighting for different activities happening within your house greatly affects the overall atmosphere. Having a party? Pump those lights up bright, baby! A romantic night in? We wouldn’t use the same light. You’d want to aim to bring the mood down low and slow for a perfect evening of Netflix ‘n Chill. 

Remember in the hit movie Clueless, Dee and Cher had to get onto design a lighting concept almost instantly when she had her date over to the house. Well, it’s time for you to take on that same energy. 

blue accent chairs, accent floor lamps

📸: @michellemoskalenko

Here are three ways you can switch out your boring overheads for a more versatile and fabulous set up in your home.

Standing Floor Lamps Are Everything 

Opting straight away for these guys is an easy way to light up a room and create your perfect atmosphere. Standing floor lamps can illuminate a dark corner to bring a subtle warmth to a part of your room that's in dire need of some jazzing up while also doubling as a major style statement. 

neutral home, floor lamp, floor length mirror

📸: @thehillarystyle

They aren’t just practical, they can create more atmosphere with a lovely warm bulb. Tech it up with a smart bulb, allowing you to create the perfect lighting for any time of day! 

Bedside Lamps Aren’t Just For The Bedroom 

The use of bedside lamps is sometimes forgotten when we want to bring light and life to the rest of our home

However, the use of bedside lamps is sometimes forgotten when we want to bring light and life to the rest of our home! There are many ways we can use bedside lamps outside of the bedroom, so get creative!

neutral bedroom. black bed, white curtain

📸: @desrtdecor

For example, adding a bedside lamp to a hallway banister can help you find direction down the long hallways in the evening and bring life to a commonly bland area of the home in general. Or place a bedside lamp on a table next to your couch if you like to read in the living room from time to time. 

hallway decor, artwork, plant

📸: @lindseypedey

Do your eyes hurt when watching television? The Canadian National Institute for the Blind suggests ambient lighting around your TV is crucial. The area surrounding your TV screen should be 20 to 40% of the brightness of the TV itself. So throwing a bedside lamp in close proximity to your television set may actually be good for you overall! 

You can use our app to check if the bedside lamp you’re interested in suits the vibe you’re going for. 

Lighting in Kitchen Cabinets Makes for a Cozy, Relaxing Cooking Experience

Here’s one we’re sure you’ve never thought of—how are your kitchen cabinets looking? 

Experts have found that a majority of people find cooking a relaxing, stress reliever. Do you resonate with this? Why not add a touch of warmth to your cooking experience? 

black and white kitchen, tan island lights


By adding strip LED lighting or even downlighting to the inside or underneath of your kitchen cabinets, you can put on some relaxing jazz and create an ambiance perfect to cook in. This doubles up as an opportunity for a romantic night in., whether it be with a partner or yourself! Add candlelight to your dining table, coupled with cabinet lighting, and voila! Lighting is by far the most important part of the ambiance of your home. So why neglect it? Follow the DecorMatters blog for even more lighting tips!

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