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3 Brilliant Ways to Turn Your Old Knick-Knacks Into Stunning Decor

by DecorMatters|Sep 01, 2022

Knick-knacks, love them or hate them; you can’t live without them. These quirky little items often make your house your home, but they can clash with your home’s aesthetics.

Whether they were bought on a memorable holiday or gifted from a special individual, knick-knacks often hold sentimental value. However, this doesn’t mean they always fit into your home's unique design. Something that looked gorgeous on the dimly lit streets of Rome 10 years ago may not look as slick as it once did sitting on the kitchen windowsill. 

Colorful, retro, living room


Fear not! Just because an item looks a bit dated, or its color scheme is all wrong, that is no reason to get rid of it. Here are three examples of how to revamp and upcycle your knick-knacks into showstopping pieces.

Enjoy the Booze, and Enjoy the Bottle

During a special occasion, there’s nothing better than cracking open a bottle of bubbly and having a good time. However, these bottles can soon rack up after a party or two and start to take up valuable space. The good news is that you don’t need to take the dreaded trip to the bottle bank; instead, these can be the perfect fairy light illuminators. 

abstract rug, glass coffee table


You can buy small packs of battery-powered lights, and when placed inside the bottles can become the ideal dining table centerpiece, garden decoration, or coffee table lamp. Simply clean the bottle thoroughly, and let your imagination run wild. This technique can be applied to any jar or bottle you have lying around, and you get creative with different colors of lights.  

Target in the U.S. has a great range of fairy lights available in different colors and patterns. 

Anything Can Become a Plant Pot, Literally

Seriously, we’re not joking. From old teapots to dresser draws and teacups, almost anything in your home can be transformed into a unique plant pot. Plants and flowers will elevate any home’s decor, so it’s time to awaken your green fingers. 

black entryway table, neutral artwork


Don’t let your plants be confined to the stereotypical clay pot; they should be housed in something as exciting and interesting as they are. Why not pot a cactus in a teacup for your bathroom? Or plant a fern in an unused chandelier? The opportunities are endless. 

You can even adapt dresser draws into an intriguing home for your plants. You simply need to drill some drainage holes in the bottom, and you’re ready to go. If you want to get creative, you could convert several draws and stack them in your garden for an instant garden sculpture. 

Learn more: How To Plant A Beautiful Planter Without A Green Thumb.

Fresh Coat, Fresh Life

Some ornaments you just can’t part with have a very vintage look (the wrong kind). However, sometimes the answer to updating a knick-knack can be the simplest one. Outdated ornaments could be your new centerpiece with just a lick of acrylic paint. 

orange curtains, orange checkered rug, yellow accents, bright bedroom


Transform your antique eggplant-shaped jug into a chic abstract vase, go classy with a glossy porcelain finish, or embrace the avant-garde with a bold shamrock green. Make your once sad antiques take center stage, demanding the attention they deserve. This technique can be applied to many overlooked objects in your home, including old candlesticks and vases. 

Who said you only decorate trees at Christmas? Simply wrap ribbon around your newly painted knick-knack, and you’re ready to add a little embellishment to any plant or tree in your home or even in your garden! 

burnt orange couch, gallery wall, green plants


With so many options, you now have no reason to leave your old knick-knacks looking sad on a shelf. With a few fairy lights and some new paint, you’re ready to make your beloved ornaments look like they’re from the trendiest design store. 

Head over to DecorMatters for more tips and tricks to help you design your perfect home.

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