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Decor Tips for Wood Lovers

by DecorMatters|Nov 18, 2021

It has been claimed that wood is the best building material by architects and designers and is known for its numerous aesthetic qualities for decorating spaces; it's also one of the most versatile and appealing materials nowadays. Whether you want to place a modern library at home or build a complete structure for a Chicago building, its potential outweighs other materials.

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📸: @butikevlersapancaofficial

Aside from outlining many aesthetic buildings and structures, wood brings many environmental advantages. Undoubtedly, where you place a piece of wood can make a unique statement of your style.

Let's dive deep into some wood decor tips.

Balance and Style

Styles vary drastically with wood, from modern to retro designs according to your purpose. The charm in wood is that you can combine it with other finishes, textures, and colors, giving the space a unique touch.

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📸: @my_hygge_my_home

Every type of wood has its own appearance and properties. Teak, for example, has a golden color and grain texture used to fabricate boats, decks, or outdoor furniture for its water resistance. Or oak, with its clear and natural patterns, is commonly used for inside pieces of furniture.

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📸: @sylahome

Aside from the different colors and types of wood available, designers tend to mix and match to merge dark with bright tones, other textures, and patterns. Be careful; less is more. If you only put wood, nothing will stand out, so you need to create the perfect balance.

A Sense of Warmth and Tranquility

For its nature, wood can maintain an ambient temperature, either if it is winter or summer since it can work as an insulator or as a conductor. For example, using wooden floors can give a hint of luxury to your house and, at the same time, absorb heat and keep your home warm.

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📸: @tatiana_home_decor

One of the tricks to make your spaces look more radiant and bigger is using natural materials, and wood is not the exception to this rule. Placing wooden panels, doors, stairs, or furniture in wood can brighten interiors and radiate a sense of warmth and tranquility.

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📸: @mariahlaurendesign

Light helps illumination but also creates a right and relaxing atmosphere. Just think about a horror movie. Usually, they show a dark path or environment to reflect tension and uncertainty in a creepy scene. Light has the opposite effect.

Contrast Colors

Pick the color for your wood. As we mentioned before, the usefulness of this material allows us to explore different colors and textures. Whitewood furniture can be a good choice, but dark brown can give excellent contrast to the other accessories.

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📸: @witanddelight_

The key is to select a dominant wood tone and add enough variation to the other elements in the room to create a harmonious flow through color. When it comes to decorating our house, office, or any different environment, remember that colors and interior design play a fundamental role in our health. Consequently, choosing colors is a task that needs attention and clear intention.

Wooden Decorative Accessories

Wood shelves, photo clipboards, or a cedar wall planter are some ideas of the wood home accessories that can enhance your empty wall spaces. The secret is to pick the right accessory depending on the other elements of the room.

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📸: @sdamiani

But if you don’t want to put more wood into your wall, other accessories such as wooden candles will always look good on a table, or maybe take wooden vases with ethnic designs to situate flowers or make a corner more delightful.

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📸: @z_potrzeby_piekna

Don’t forget that decorating a place is a mix of creativity, knowledge, and the wisdom to select essential objects in our daily lives. If you want to learn more about decor ideas, click here.

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