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How to Use DecorMatters App to Design your Dream Home

by DecorMatters|Oct 04, 2021

It is an ordinary day, you are at home, sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee. Suddenly, you start to imagine new colors for your wall, a different table for the living room, and a leather sofa for reading or watching television.

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However, this is just an imaginary scenario, and you're not sure about the right color for your wall or how the sofa will look in that particular spot you picture. Then, you take your mobile phone, and you begin to recreate what was in your mind.

Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, decor lover, or professional, everyone is welcome to enjoy DecorMatters App.

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Keep reading and discover all of the fun and exciting features you can use on the DecorMatters app to start designing your dream home.

Challenges to Explore Your Skills

DecorMatters App has something for everyone. It is fun and rewarding for those who enjoy gaming, affordable and efficient for those looking to design a real home, and useful for professionals needing a design or virtual staging tool.

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If your interest is in gaming, challenges are the perfect fit for you. The app recreates different design scenarios allowing users to experience the life of a professional designer. It all starts with a template and a task, for example, designing an office using blue or creating a contemporary room.

Then each participant can post their design and be part of the DecorMatters community, gaining rewards, leveling up, and using D Coins; a cryptocurrency used to purchase virtual furniture, gifts, and other items on the app

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For those who want to learn to design, or are professional interior designers, or house owners, the app offers the experience to design spaces virtually with AI and AR tools. You only have to select the template or image to place different furniture, items, and colors.

Bridging Virtual Reality and Reality

Interior design is dynamic. You will always come across a new trend, a different style, or a shape that circles back to style. It is a subject where there is always something new to learn or explore.

📸: @janicepearson

DecorMatters App is about developing design skills. This is done through analyzing different styles, reading blogs, leveraging AI for measurements and exploring the home, using features and items to play with spaces, and test out rooms with specific furniture.

However, it’s not just a simulation. One of the purposes of the App is to connect users with furniture retail. When a user selects a furniture item to design a room from the app’s templates, it would be possible to contact the supplier directly and complete the purchase.

📸: @craftywitch, @3one

Building your dream home is closer than you think, and evaluating potential looks will save you lots of time, not to mention, money.

Automation Tools to Drive Creativity

Augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) come together to create an experience as close to reality as possible, helping to design a particular space and smart-fill remaining areas, respectively.

📸: @darlene's_designs

If a user wants to know how a design would look in their garden, through the camera on their mobile device, the app grants access to the AR tool that will allow them to picture the area on a real scale. There is also the option to use the App templates to put your ideas in place if you don’t wish to give the app access to your camera.

In a nutshell, let yourself be carried away by your creativity, go to the Apple Store, download DecorMatters App, sign up, and start designing your dream home.

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DecorMatters App looks to transform the interior design and furniture shopping process from something long, stressful, and expensive to something fun, efficient, and affordable.

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Subscribe to our blog for more interior design tips and trends!

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