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3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Helping You Thrive in Interior Design

by DecorMatters|May 05, 2022

A complete overhaul of your space can be a stressful and costly experience. A lot of us have ideas in our heads of how a project may look with that beautiful, green, vintage couch we saw last week in that store we love off 23rd street, but when we bring it into our living room, it may feel a little off, setting us back in confidence and cash.

However, with augmented reality (AR) in the Interior Design industry becoming the new norm, plus of course, taking into mind the extended time we’ve been spending at home, we’ve seen a significant increase in those wanting to make more sound decisions while being less overwhelmed in the re-design process.

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It isn’t surprising how much we need that visual confidence, with 71% of customers agreeing that they are more likely to buy a product when they can see and visualize it in AR.

AR and 3D modeling are now making Interior Design more accessible for anyone, becoming a learned skill at a touch of a button. Thus, in turn, cutting major costs on hiring expensive in-person interior designers or making the wrong, non-returnable purchasing decisions. Does anybody want the anxiety of re-painting that bold, mossy green feature wall they thought looked good in their mind, only to find out it was way too much? If you’re planning on taking that kind of leap, we salute you! But we recommend you read a little more about color first.

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Today, we’re going to discuss the three top ways we feel AR is providing those wanting to overhaul their homes a leg up on the traditional interior design methods and what advancements we expect to see in the future.

Stop Guessing, Stop Regretting, and Start Buying With More Confidence

AR applications, like DecorMatters, provide customers with real-time realities of what specific pieces of furniture, color splashes on walls, or even tiled flooring may look like in your home, allowing you the space to make decisions without having to commit on the spot.

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Simply upload a photo of your space to the application and add whatever you’re ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about to see it in real-time.

Save Serious Cash With In-App Interior Designers

In the United States, an in-person Interior Design sits around $150-200 USD per hour, with an estimate totaling USD 5,200 in design fees for most average-sized projects. This, of course, doesn’t count the cost of furniture, paint, or labor you may need in your home to re-create your space.

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On most Interior Design AR apps, you can live chat with an Interior Designer for a professional opinion or reach out to a community to collaborate with others during your re-design journey, thus saving you thousands of dollars and working independently on your own time.

“Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much”

Collaborating with others is the best way to expand your creative potential and gain more confidence when embarking on a new project or venture. Not only re-designing the space you live in may be overwhelming, but taking on an entirely new ‘hobby’ alone has its challenges!

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By surrounding yourself with others in the same boat, you may find some of your most complicated creative equations solved by the mind 10,000 miles away. If you’re feeling a little lost and stuck on where to begin, we recommend looking at how David and Mark took their first baby steps in re-designing their home. Leaning on others can get you out of a design rut!

By embracing being part of a community through AR apps, customers have a never-ending support system of others who may also be finding it tough, or even better, others sharing ideas that you may not have even thought of yourself!

So What’s in the Future for AR in Interior Design?

As the world continues to move towards a more technologically advanced and remote way of living, we hope the use of AR in the Interior Design space becomes widely loved and the main ‘go-to’ when designing your home.

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Along with the up-and-coming Metaverse being widely rolled out, we are hoping that the future of Interior Design will have a large part to play in this new world, with virtual furniture and decorations for virtual living spaces becoming the norm.

For more Interior Design tips, hop on to our endless supply of free information at DecorMatters.

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