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How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

by Kristy|Mar 01, 2022

Is anyone else ready for blue skies, sunshine, and warmer weather?! Here at Greenbank Interiors, we most definitely are! So help us say goodbye to cold and grey and hello to new beginnings and fresh flowers with these ideas on how to decorate your home for spring!

Let Visitors in Your Home Know You're Ready to Welcome Spring

hello spring sign

By adding a little sign like this one from @lottashouse onto a door handle or discreet nail in the wall somewhere in your hallway, you’re telling your family and friends that you’re fed up with the crummy weather and all-too-ready to welcome spring (and them!) into your home! Rather than a nod to warmer weather like some of the ideas in this blog post, this is a shout-out!

Add Wreaths to the Inside or Outside of Your Front Door

Flower Wreath, Fairy Lights

This indoor springtime wreath from @lights4fun is a perfect way of adding a touch of faux foliage and flowers to decorate your home for spring – complete with twinkly lights! As well as hanging it on your door, you could also use it as a table centerpiece – two in one! Because it’s a great alternative to real flowers, you will be able to reuse your wreath time and time again. Running on batteries and using a timer is the perfect way of making sure your home is spring-ready.

Change Up Soft Furnishings to Freshen Up Your Living Room and Bedroom

White Bedding, White Pillows

One of our favorite ideas is to change the soft furnishings in your living room and bedroom from darker autumnal and winter colors into spring and summer tones. Using whites, creams, and beiges to freshen up your home – like these white cotton cushions from @perfectly.lovely.interiors – is an easy, cheap and quick way to renew your look!

Add Special Pieces of Spring Decor to Replace Your Christmas and Winter Ornaments

Spring Ornaments, House Ornaments

Do you have spaces where your winter knickknacks and trinkets were over the past season? Why not replace them with spring-specific ornaments such as these little wooden houses from @little_cottage_workshop. They’ll look cute anywhere in your home and will add a little quirky touch to your interiors!

Use Fresh Flowers Throughout Your Home

Dining Table Flower Centerpiece

A very simple and, some may say, obvious way to decorate a home ready for spring is to add flowers to your home. We don’t mind that it’s obvious – we love flowers! However, to make it specific to springtime, why not use quintessential spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips like these from @the_suffolk_nest. By using flowers in vases, jugs, or planters, you can pep up any table or mantlepiece!

Swap Scents to Something a Little Fresher

Wax Melts, Candle

We associate fragrances of this time of year with freshness, happiness, and blooms so trade in your musky and woody candles and wax melts for scents such as cotton, rose or citrus-like these linen wax melts from @botanicscentco. A lovely way to add a crispness to your home and freshen it up for spring, we recommend placing diffusers and spraying mists in hallways, landings, and living rooms to make the most of the new scents!

Spring Clean... and Add a Touch of Organization to Your Home When Decorating for Spring

tea, coffee, sugar, containers, organization, storage

Many people love to do a deep clean in their homes at the end of winter, heading into spring. Why not make the most of this activity and use the time to get yourself organized in the kitchen! These labeled canisters for tea, coffee, and sugar from @charlierosevintage are a great way to tidy, organize and make your cupboards or worksurface super pretty!

Use Embroidered Flowers as an Alternative to Fresh Flowers to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Felt Flowers, Spring Tulips, 

Such a lovely and novel idea is to use embroidered flowers instead of ‘real’ flowers this spring – and for many springs to come – like these from @spellsandspindles, which come sitting in a little terracotta pot. Perfect to add as part of a tablescape or taking center stage on its own on a coffee table, this decoration is a fun and pretty way to spring-ify your home!

Go All Out for Easter with Cute Bunnies and Chicks

Easter Decor, Easter Eggs, Easter Flowers

You don’t have to wait until Easter to decorate your home in celebration of this event! Place bunny baskets, fluffy chicks, wreaths, and florals like these from @inspirationswholesaleuk in different rooms or focused on one area like the dining table to create a tablescape is a really lovely way to add some color and fun to your home.

Display Your Chocolates in the Prettiest of Ways!

Easter Bunnies, Easter Chocolates, Easter Decor

Ever wondered how you can display your Easter chocolates in a cute way? Look no further! These bunny ear glass jars from Nest Homely Interiors are a perfect way! These jars come in three sizes and have removable lids, allowing you to add whichever sweet treats you’d like! Wonderful for Easter… or as a gorgeous decoration at any time of the year! So, there we have it! Nine ideas of how you can decorate your home – using UK businesses. Please feel free to message in the comments below if you have any thoughts on how to decorate your home for spring!

This article was written by Kristy from Greenbank Interiors.

Meet The Author

Kristy is a full-time mom of two, blogger, Instagram Influencer, Online Marketing Specialist, Event Organizer, Social Media Manager, and Instagram Coach. She started Greenbank Interiors back in 2017 after a huge home renovation of the entire home.

She uses her blogs to document and share all of the methods and practices that she uses in her home in hopes that it will help others. From DIY tips to home decor, her blog has something for everyone!

Check out her Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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