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Tips for Taking Your Love of Cars Indoors

by DecorMatters|Dec 09, 2021

For almost two years now, the pandemic has forced everyone to spend more time at home, which has given people the opportunity to turn their spaces into sanctuaries. In this process, many realized that where they live doesn’t say much about them, so the pursuit for personalization began.

The best way to express personal style is through an individual’s passions, and for many people, cars are not just a means of transportation but a lifestyle. They may want to take their love for automobiles from the road into the house, and getting started couldn’t be easier.

Here are a few pointers to get that engine going.

Old Parts, New Purpose

As environmental issues gain importance, more and more people are becoming aware of our behavior’s effect on the planet. This concern has also reached the interior design world, where the new norm is responsible practices like recycling and sustainable material sourcing. Among these trends, the repurposing of different objects is a match made in heaven for car enthusiasts as they can turn almost any vehicle part into furniture or decor.

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📸: @relicsawry

A quick search on the internet will show hundreds of DIY ideas, easy enough to follow by yourself or for group activities to bond with others, all achievable at a reasonable price. Just head over to the nearest car graveyard, and you’re bound to find a handful of treasures that can easily give your home that Speed Racer feel.

For example, an old car seat can become the new office chair on your work-from-home setup, or used wheel rims can live a second life as classy wall art with a thorough wash and a coat of silver paint. Remember that balance is essential, and since most car parts are metal, plants are a great way to lighten up the heaviness of the material.

Be as Subtle or as Evident as You Want

Customizing any space shouldn’t be a challenge, especially if you are a diehard fan of anything, like cars in this instance. Once you know your passions, the next big decision is how big or small you want to go with the theme. Vehicles are great because they offer plenty of possibilities at both ends of the spectrum.

Blog Post Image

📸: @relicsawry

If you feel like expressing your enthusiasm discreetly, small accessories for the office like a pencil holder in the shape of an engine or a mug with your favorite brand are a great way to show your identity. Also, wall art like paintings or posters of your preferred car models can blend right in with the rest of your setting, even if the other items are not automotive-themed.

On the other hand, if you wish to make your devotion clear as possible, consider going all out with a sofa made out of a vintage car’s back seat, or look for vehicle-branded appliances. To tie it all together, make sure to create a color palette and stick to it.

Get the Kids in on the Fun

If you love cars and have kids, chances are your children will also inherit some of that passion. The good news is that there are many ways to incorporate the automotive topic into their rooms, and we’re not talking just about toys.

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📸: @relicsawry

Depending on how prominent the theme is, oversized statement pieces like a bed frame in the shape of a sports car can give the bedroom a sense of wonder and stimulate their creativity. Match it with the appropriate linen, and the fantasy comes full circle.

When finding out your individual style, experimentation is crucial to identify what works and what doesn’t. Read more tips and tricks on personalizing your home right here and get started.

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