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Summer Is All About Wall Decor: Macrame and Wallpaper

by DecorMatters|May 17, 2021

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Whether it’s cocktails, sunsets, floral shirts, or sundresses, we can all agree that this time of year represents youth, prosperity, adventure, and outdoor enjoyment.

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📷 Christina Patricio

Even when you’re not in the fresh air, there’s always a way to bring a summer sparkle to your home. Concentrating on your walls is a great place to start – where small changes have a big impact without significant financial investment.

Apart from oversized mirrors and handcrafted framed pictures, there are two key trends you can’t miss out on this summer: wallpaper and macramé.

Who Said Wallpaper Isn’t Cool?

We know wallpaper has been out of style for a few decades now. But hear us out: The ones entering the market today are not like those you remember from your grandma’s apartment from the 70s, especially if matched with the latest design trends.

With different styles and textures – think impressive 3D designs or elegant matt – modern wallpaper is an easy way to change up your space, without committing long-term.

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📷 Nicola Norton

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📷 Irene

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📷 Kristin Cedar

Macrame, a Rediscovered Treasure

Who knew that decorative knots could add so much character to an average bedroom or living area? While macrame is often used for jewelry, plant hangers, and clothing, one of its more iconic usages is for wall hangings. As decorating with natural fibers will never go out of style, invest in a macrame wall hanging or dream catcher for a beach, boho vibe during the day and, when combined with mirrors and fairy lights, a magical atmosphere at night.

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📷 Gosia

The history of this simple yet charming decoration goes all the way back to the Babylonians and Assyrians. Moreover, there’s proof that Arabs used decorative knots to finish different pieces such as shawls and towels as far back as the 13th century. When the Moors brought this technique to Spain, that’s when it spread across Europe and the whole world.

Creating your own macrame can be a fun DIY summer hobby too – in the 17th century, Queen Mary of England herself taught classes to her ladies-in-waiting. Today, with a plethora of methods and materials (with twine, string, or rope being the most common) out there, all it takes is to pick a design and get started.

What are you waiting for? Explore our site to find out how our users are kicking off summer with wallpaper designs and macrame!

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