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Shifting Away From Neutrals: Why It Is Time For Personality-Driven Design

by DecorMatters|Feb 09, 2023

We are all aware that neutral colors such as beige, gray, and white are widely used in the interior design world, and for a good reason: they are versatile, calming, and absolutely stunning! With that being said, neutrals can become monotonous and many are seeking a change in the home.

Personality-driven design is a shift away from trends and towards incorporating bold hues, patterns, and textures that reflect the homeowner's individuality and style. It’s all about creating a space that is true to you. A space that both functions and expresses the unique personality and story of the people living there.

Personality-driven design using bold colors, patterns, and art in the dining room

📸: @houseonthecorner_16

We love the rise of self-expression and not following what's popular at the moment. By practicing personality-driven design, you can design a functional and visually appealing space that also feels like a safe haven, and improves your mood, and mental well-being.

Tips for Incorporating Personality-Driven Design into Your Home

Color is a powerful tool in personality-driven design and interior design in general. It can evoke emotions, set the energy of a room, and reflect your mood. When choosing a color palette, think about the tone you want to create in a specific room, the functionality and whether it's a place of high or low energy, and your personal taste and perspective on the room. A good start is to select a few hues that you love and build your design around that scheme. This will help to establish cohesiveness throughout your home.

Personality-driven design using patterned rugs, bright colors, and accent pillows in the bedroom 

📸: @restyleart

Patterns and textures are also great ways to incorporate personality-driven design. Patterns, fabrics, and materials can reflect your style, tell cultural stories, and add depth to your space. By using unique patterns and textures, furniture can become a statement piece, which serves as a focal point in the room and creates an instant conversation about the meaning.

Personality-driven design using plants, and colored sofas in the living room

📸: @the_shoestring_home

Artwork and accent pieces are one of the best ways to make a bold statement and instantly add personality to a room. Whether it's an artwork collage wall, a collection of special silverware, or an eclectic mix of throw pillows, these elements boost the personality of your home. Choose artwork that holds memories, antique pieces that remember family or loved ones, or items that you simply love and feel.

Benefits of Personality-Driven Design

Personality-driven design fully embraces creativity and self-expression. Our spaces are made our very own, an environment is created that feels special and safe. Interior design has the power to alter our mood and mental well-being. By decorating with personality at the core, you build a space that brings you genuine joy and comfort.

Personality-driven design using tiles, and the color green for bathroom space 

📸: @colourmadetheroom

Another amazing characteristic of personality-driven design is that it also focuses on designing a home based on your lifestyle and daily activities. For example, you may love to exercise, cooking might be your hobby, or you need a work-from-home office. By designing a space that meets your needs and preferences, you not only get a stunning interior but a home that functions exactly how you need it to.

Personality-driven design using an accent wall for home gym 

📸: @mrorlandosoria

Start Reflecting on Your Unique Personality and Style Today

Our favorite thing about interior design is self-expression, having an outlet for our uniqueness and life stories, and showing our loved ones who we are as people through the design of our homes.

We hope you feel encouraged to make your home a reflection of your unique personality and style. Whether you choose to add bold colors, meaningful statement pieces, or an eclectic mix of accents and artwork, there is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself.

Personality-driven design created by DecorMatters app

📸: @nikoninalina

In a world where people follow trends, it is key to embrace individuality in home design and create a space where you feel comfort, peace, and joy. Try out personality-driven design in your real rooms today by using our interior design app. Transform your home into a special space that you love coming home to.

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