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How to Create Your Dream Color Palette

by DecorMatters|Aug 12, 2021

Perhaps you have just moved into a new flat and feel completely overwhelmed by the 10 million colors to choose from. Or, after years of living in the same house, is your decor starting to feel uninviting and demotivating?

📸: @astoldbymichelle

📸: @astoldbymichelle

Although experimenting is always encouraged, employing a qualified interior designer would be the solution if you have plenty of cash. While some are cheaper than others, you can still expect to pay an hourly rate between $50 to $200, which is out of reach for many.

Instead, online tools and color generators can help amateur decorators unleash their creativity, develop interior color schemes, and even design entire rooms. With our AI-powered app, you can test out different colors and incorporate specific preferences, all with a click of a button and no added stress.

So, Which Colors Make You Happy?

There are some colors and prints in your home that you’ll come across every day, especially if you work from home. Therefore, you have to embrace shades that you love and build a color map from those choices. Browse magazines, websites, and even your friend's homes for inspiration. They must reflect your personality and have a positive psychological impact on visitors at the same time.

📸: @britdotdesign

Firstly, think: What colors do you usually wear day-to-day? If you like floral prints and bright patterns, bring them into your bedrooms and living rooms in the form of lampshades, pillows, and throws.

A crimson red may remind you of that dress you wore when you met the love of your life. Turquoise blue may be reminiscent of that day of scuba diving in the great barrier reef. Harmonious green hues may take you back to that ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon.

📸: @chrislovesjulia

📸: @hothouse.jungle

📸: @stephanjulliard

Whatever the memory that triggers endorphins to be released, get on the DecorMatters app and play around with that color to see what opportunities it presents for your home. In fact, why not upload a photo from your favorite trip away to a color generator? The tool can scan it fast and tell you what shades appear.

Embrace Repetition for Cohesion

Most people have a color palette in mind as they decorate a room, but not everyone thinks about the home’s color scheme as a whole. Colors must flow from room to room.

📸: @jnaydaily

Color Theory, based on extensive knowledge about psychology and the human optical ability, is a collection of rules that marketers often refer to in order to communicate with users through appealing color schemes. Think about your journey through your house as marketers think about user experience: Design for accessibility and functionality.

The right contrasting colors can catch a user’s attention or make a guest feel right at home. For example, black, white, and gray are timeless colors that are easy to pair with pieces because they set a sturdy foundation that can amplify other shades.

📸: @briemarie1023

📸: @hannah_lagom

Alternatively, carefully placing pops of warm colors throughout the house provokes deep emotional responses, and a monochromatic palette oozes familiarity and an all-encompassing mood. Another trick is to focus on darker colors for the floor level and gradually get lighter towards the ceiling to elongate rooms

Why Walls Matter Most

Color changes in a room at different times of the day, depending on the natural light. The interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullardonce said: “paint a large piece of paper, 24 x 36 inches, and fix it to one of the walls in the room you wish to make sure it feels good to you at all those times.”

📸: @madeleineshouse72

📸: @sandrahomestory

📸: @mazale_

📸: @katrineutseth

Wallpaper is a great way to get color and pattern into the smallest of spaces. It creates a visual impact that isn't too overbearing because it is in a contained area. There are so many great peel-and-stick options too, that even renters can lap up some wallpaper.

Neutral walls will always stand the test of time, but perhaps you can combine them with dark accent walls to bring your space to life. Color trends change every few years, so if you are fearful that painting a whole wall will transform your home’s aesthetic, incorporate color through artwork and accessories.

📸: @erikacarlock

When you don’t know what to do about color, it’s okay to wait and do nothing until you feel inspired. But if you want to get designing your dream home now, hop on our app to get started!

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