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How to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

by DecorMatters|updated Aug 24, 2022

Your home design can drastically affect the positive energy your home brings you. The layout of your furniture, the organization of your things, and the decor on your walls all contribute to your mood and energy at home. A few small changes to your surroundings at home can have a big impact on your mood. Check out our home design tips on how to bring positive energy into your home and increase the positive energy in your life.

Positive Energy Decor for Your Living Room

(Design by @dabito)

How to Bring Good Energy Into Your Home

Decorate For Happiness

Your home should be decorated with things that make you happy. The first step to learning how to bring good energy into your home is to re-evaluate your color schemes and the hints of colors throughout your home. Color holds a powerful influence in our lives, and incorporating colors that you dislike or colors that make you feel a certain way can definitely affect your mood in big ways, physically and mentally. So, how do you decorate for happiness and remove the negative energy? As easily as color can bring your mood down, it can also bring it back up. Choose a color palette that makes you feel good and use those colors to paint an accent wall or to purchase colored furniture. If you prefer to keep those focus points simple, you can include color through accessories and wall art. Guaranteed positive energy decor includes inspiring images and quotes and pictures of good memories with family and friends or of places that bring you back to a happy time. Your home is a representation of you, so you want to design a space that reflects who you are in order to feel uplifted and in good spirits.

Positive Energy Decor for the Bedroom

Make An Effort to Make Your Bed

Learning how to bring good energy into your home involves every room in the house and one of the most important steps to know is how to get positive energy in the bedroom. It is the one space in your home where you should have privacy in an environment that allows you to escape and relax. One easy way of achieving positive energy in the bedroom is to make your bed. Making your bed may seem like that annoying task your parents repeatedly asked you to do, but you felt was pointless because you would be making a mess of it when you hopped back in at the end of the day anyway. However, you may be surprised and amazed by how a daily task that seems useless and tedious can change your mood dramatically, especially when you walk into a clean, inviting, and comfy made bed at the end of a long day. An organized environment sets the tone for the day. Leaving your house with a made bed and knowing you’ll return to one makes relaxing ten times easier and gives you something to look forward to coming home to every day. You’ll have a hard time waiting to jump into bed at night to get a good night’s rest!

How To Bring Positive Energy into Your Home Living Room

Clean Up to Clear Up

Clutter piles on additional stress, which puts a damper on the positive energy in your home. Cleaning your home and clearing stress-inducing clutter can help you clear out old energy and bring in positive ones. Whether your space is big or small, it’s crucial to keep things organized and neat to consistently create a relaxing and positive space. It’s inevitable that after long days, it’s easy to accept a mess and allow things to pile up around the house. Routinely taking one weekend out to get rid of things you don’t need and putting the rest away in their designated spaces may surprise you with how much you can eliminate to organize a living space that brings you joy and calmness. With time, cleaning your space becomes a less tedious task when things are generally organized and maintain good energy.

How to Bring Good Energy into Your Home Kitchen

Create Bright Spaces

Increasing positive energy in your house can be as straightforward and inexpensive as brightening up your living space with natural light. According to health and wellness expert, Caleb Backe, “Brighter homes with more exposure to natural light are linked to a more positive state of mental health, whereas dim or ill-lit homes are generally found to be linked to depression and low energy.” Open up your blinds or windows as you cook in the kitchen or watch television in the living room. Add more lamps and lighting fixtures to the darker spaces of your home that may lack natural lighting. Mirrors are also a great addition because they reflect light and make spaces appear larger and more open. These simple adjustments can immediately increase your positive mood and energy!

Affirming Positive Energy Decor

(Design by @jadeannloves)

Leave Positive Affirmations Around

Your mind is a tricky thing that can also be tricked into feeling a certain way, like being more positive. Reminding yourself of positive thoughts is a great way to bring positive energy into your life, but it is a lot easier when you are consistently around that energy at home. A fun option for positive energy decor is to hang up posters with inspirational quotes and sayings around your home, which will also add artistic value and decor to your space! An affordable alternative to buying or printing out motivational posters is to leave post-its in different areas of your home with your favorite positive quotes or affirmations on them. Seeing these reminders repeatedly around you will help them subconsciously stick with you. It’s also a great option if you want to switch out the notes once in a while specifically for what you need to motivate you at a certain time in your life.

Brighten Up Your Home with Positive Energy Decor

The right home decor for you will increase your positive energy and it will transfer to the positive energy in your life. Small changes, as simple as making your bed or leaving post-its around, can make your home feel like a more positive space and it will be easier to carry that positivity with you wherever you go. It is essential to understand that other factors may also affect how you attract positive energy, but it should start within yourself and your attitude towards life. Our free DecorMatters app is a great first step to virtually designing your dream space to attract all the positive vibes!

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