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Easy DIY: Shoe Storage Rack on a Budget

by Tracey Hairston|Aug 31, 2021
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I had been on the hunt for a cute shoe rack to house all of my granddaughter's shoes. Kids don't really seem to care where they put their shoes when they come into the house; they're just trying to move as quickly as possible and shoes, unfortunately, take a back seat when it comes to tidy and organized spaces. What's on the market nowadays are boring, colorless flimsy pieces that would just have to be replaced, so I decided to make my own. The first thing was finding a piece that I knew I could repurpose and make something completely different out of it. So.....


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A T.V. STAND?!?!?!? Why yes! This was an old T.V. stand with a glass shelf. I removed the glass shelf and I had an old piece of plywood that I cut to size and inserted into the center. It didn't matter that it was a bit warped. The weight of any shoe would eventually flatten it out.

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Next came the seating. I'm all about using what I already have laying around so I had some foam left over from a previous project, fabric from my headboard project, and I'm all about the no-sew. Fabric glue is an easy way to cover a quick piece of foam with fabric and it was just the right amount of cushioning for people to people to sit down while they put on their shoes. 

So here is a video of how I put it all together from start to finish. I really love this piece and it was super easy to do. I think the hard part is finding the original piece. These T.V. stands are a bit outdated so they're not easy to come by but they happen to make the perfect projects if you come across one.

This was a fun project to do. I hope I inspired you to create something great. Let me know in the comments below what you thinkI'd love to hear from you!

This article was written by Tracey from Mocha Girl Place.

Meet The Author

Tracey is an interior stylist and plant whisperer who loves to create wonderful spaces in her home using vintage and unique finds. She considers her style to be MoClectic Bohemian.

She's a wife/mother/grandmother who enjoys coming up with cool ways to repurpose and revive pieces and make them look like a million bucks! She believes in not following trends but following your heart when it comes to your home. You're the one who has to live there so make it great!

Check out her Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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