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Living Room Makeover

by Igor Josifovic-Kemper|Jun 02, 2022
Living room, beige lounge sofa, orange and green accents, rug and plantsGlass vase with yellow-orange flowers

After almost one and a half years in my Berlin apartment, the time has come for some changes. For quite a while there’s been a small but significant pain point in my living room. The seating options were limited, especially for gatherings and parties. Also, the layout of the sofa and lounge chair and stools was more or less ok. But I was not fully convinced all this time. Moreover, I dearly love my vintage leather sofa by Brazilian designer Percival Lafer – but it is not the comfiest place to binge-watch a Netflix series. And then vetsak appeared in my life.

beige sofa, green and orange pillows, plantsbeige sofa, green and orange pillows, plants, open windowCoffee table, books, candle, decor bowl

Vetsak is a German-South African furniture maker and their highlight product is their modular sofa system. Almost endless possibilities of combinations, different materials, textures, and colors to choose from – however, it didn’t take me too long to find the perfect solution for my living room pain point. I had something pretty precise in my head and with Vetsak I turned this idea into reality. I’ve opted for a kind of lounge sofa made of two modules and two backrests in chunky yet soft corduroy in sand color.

beige sofa, green and orange pillows, plants, love seat, rugGreen couch, plants, throw blanketsopen windows, beige couch, plants, green and orange accentsCoffee table, books, candles, green sofa

With the arrival of the sofa, a few changes had to be made to free up the space. The advantage of modular sofas is that they come in boxes – so my sofa for example came in about six larger boxes and a few smaller ones. Quite handy! And the building up was pretty quick and efficient – with the help of three friends though.

TV console, lights, plantswindow sill decor, books, plants, wooden monkey beige sofa, green and orange pillows, plantsbrown end table, bookTV, TV console, Netflix

I have cleared the corner next to the window in the living room as I wanted to create a cozy TV nook. The Vetsak sofa is now facing the TV and sitting right under the window to enjoy sky views while lying on the super cozy sofa. Additionally, I decided to place the vintage leather sofa opposite of the vetsak sofa – like this the room has a much more social vibe for gatherings as people can sit opposite of each other and chat, drink, and eat.

Living room, pendant lighting, plants, sofa, coffee table, rugsPlants, end table, coffee table, decorbeige sofa, green and orange pillows, plants, coffee table decorcoffee table, green sofa, artworkartwork, end table decor

A few other bits and pieces had to be moved, and the large Philodendron Selloum got even a little lift to use more of the room’s height and create a green canopy over the vetsak sofa. I am so in love with the new design of the living room and can’t wait to host the next party – which will be my birthday bash in about two weeks. And then the vetsak sofa will not only be a great TV lounge, but also a perfect seating option for my guests. I will show you.

What do you think of the new living room design and the vetsak sofa? Let me know!

beige sofa, green pillow, end table plantsArtwork, plants, green sofa

This article was written by Igor from Happy Interior Blog.

Meet The Author

With a strong passion for interior design, home décor, travel, and plants, Igor wanted to share happiness with readers here in a digital home, the Happy Interior Blog. This blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, it showcases the beauty of our world and the inspiration brought back home through travels, and it highlights to beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

Happy Interior Blog is an international blog about interior design, styling, decoration, plants, and travel that has gained high appraisal and was awarded ‘Best International Blog’ in 2014. And the mission remains the same: Happy Interior Blog is the place to share happiness through interiors, travels, and plants. Welcome aboard!

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