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Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2022

by DecorMatters|Dec 30, 2021

A brand new year is upon us once again, and it offers a fresh start with plenty of interior design opportunities. Since we have already recapped what we learned, loved, and want to leave behind in 2021, it is now time to look forward and start preparing for what 2022 has in store.

As you’ll see, some trends are coming back, others that have started last year but will come in full force over the next few months, and also ones that reflect what the “new normal” looks like with the pandemic. Here we recount what we think will be in everyone’s mind this year and what we’re excited to try.

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📸: @cationz

Harmonizing Through Feng Shui

Ever since the pandemic started, almost two years ago(!), health has become a significant concern for everybody. This time last year, we were hopeful that it was reaching its final days, but it ended up being a year packed with unexpected changes in our personal and professional lives. We had to readjust our expectations, and it brought feelings of stress, anxiety, and sadness for everyone across nations worldwide, which has made us even more focused on taking care of our wellbeing.

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📸: @lakefrontfarmhouse

One of the ways to cope with this situation is to make sure the environment we inhabit is beneficial to our mental and physical health. That is why we predict that practices like Feng Shui will become very relevant in home renovations during 2022. The traditional Chinese philosophy’s purpose is to create balance with the natural world by arranging our living spaces according to certain principles, which can help ease our mind and soul.

Sustainable Design in Full Force

With people becoming more environmentally conscious, design methods that support the planet, promote recycling, and use natural materials (responsibly sourced) will be hugely popular in 2022. Last year, we saw the rise of the woven furniture style, which is a trend that will continue as it adds warmth and lightness to a room. This year, maybe we’ll witness some unconventional materials taking center stage.

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📸: @dfordesignstyle

As far as furniture goes, repurposing and upcycling old pieces will gain even more supporters. People don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on furnishings that they can purchase second-hand or create through DIY methods. These actions also contribute to conserving the environment and push sustainability by preventing more waste from getting to landfills.

Furniture With Meaning

Along with the desire to be more sustainable, people are realizing that they want more from their furnishings and decor. There is a growing interest in utilizing pieces that have a special meaning or tell a story, as they can customize the space or add a sentiment of comfort to any room.

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📸: @emilywelchstyle

We will see family heirlooms being passed down and many DIY projects to help add a modern touch. Also, there will be a hunt for unique items that reflect the owner’s individual style or communicate a passion they have. These small actions help create an atmosphere that feels like your own.

Home Offices Are Here to Stay

Most home renovation projects this year will involve the home office. This trend had been growing before the pandemic hit, and Covid-19 accelerated it. Now almost every worker has had to adopt some sort of work-from-home setup. With return-to-office dates being pushed back over and over again, people will start to make permanent changes.

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📸: @samfroststudio

The past two years have made us aware of how the distribution and aesthetics of a room can affect our energy and productivity. We can see the home office becoming an integral part of the modern home’s layout, and we are here to help with those arrangements.

New Interior Design Technology

Digital interior design was on the rise before the pandemic, and like with many other things, the health crisis only pushed the transformation even further. This year, we expect huge technological advancements in the industry that will make processes easier and more efficient for customers, designers, and suppliers.

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📸: @whereheartresides

Most industry players will incorporate changes to their business plans in 2022 that will materialize in a new wave of decor apps, design firms, and specialized software. Strategies like virtual staging or shopping for furniture with 3D models can now be easily done online. We predict they’ll become a go-to for most projects.

At DecorMatters, we already integrate artificial intelligence to recommend products to our customers automatically. If you want to know more about using our app to create your dream home, you can click on this link.

Here’s to new beginnings and all that 2022 has in store for us.

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