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Interior Design Tips for Turning Your Apartment Into an Airbnb

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 18, 2022

It feels like everyone's looking for a place to escape to and relax nowadays. CNBC reports that there has been a surge in Airbnb bookings, as more and more people seem to be looking for local getaways. Indeed, a change of scenery is great, especially for those who have been in extended periods of lockdown or had to quarantine.

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Now, you might be considering converting your own space or apartment into an Airbnb to make a little extra money. Keep in mind that you'll want to make your space as enticing as possible in order to attract customers. ZenBusiness's article on starting an Airbnb business highlights how important it is to make your property stand out, as the market has become quite saturated with over 2.9 million hosts worldwide on the platform. But what goes into making your space stand out? To help you out with this, we've prepared some interior design tips to help you turn your apartment into an Airbnb.

Keep Everything Consistent

Good design isn't about doing something ostentatious. If you've read our article on The Power of Colors, then you probably know how effective it is to stick to a particular palette when making design choices. By following a design principle or subscribing to a certain aesthetic, you give your space a more cohesive look that could prove to be quite enticing for your potential guests.

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📷 Eureka

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If you're thinking of a full overhaul, sticking to a mostly white palette could be quite beneficial. Not only does it make your apartment feel more spacious but it is also effective if your property is subjected to a lot of natural light. The color white's reflective nature takes full advantage of the natural light and gives the space an air of serenity about it.

Design With Convenience and Comfort in Mind

Another thing you'll want is the design your space with convenience and comfort in mind. Remember that people are availing of your apartment to get away and relax. This can apply to something as simple as furniture. While those art deco chairs may look stunning and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space, that won't mean much if they aren't ergonomic as well.

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📷 Michelle

Balance is the key here. You'll need to strike the perfect balance between form and function. You can do this by looking at your design choices as more than simple aesthetics. Consider the people who will be using your space and consider how your design choices will affect their overall happiness during the entirety of their stay.

Add a Little Greenery

Lastly, one easy way to improve your space is by adding a little greenery into it. Plants can help breathe life into your interiors, all while adding a touch of nature to the property.

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📷 Cloe Thomson

Now, when it comes to choosing plants for your space you'll have to consider how well they'll be able to adapt indoors. A Real Simple article on low-maintenance houseplants recommends the snake plant. This is because horticulturist Justin Hancock describes it as “a tried-and-true houseplant that you practically have to kill, the snake plant holds up well to the conditions that can make winters inside a challenge”. Investing in easy-to-maintain plants will not only brighten the space but also ensure you don’t have to regularly replace them.

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📷 Shell

Making an effort with the interior design will set your property above the others. As these tips have shown you don’t have to break the bank to create a place people will want to relax in.

Exclusively written for by Zulema Estefania

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