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You May be the Resident ‘Plant Murderer’ of Your House, But Here’s How We Change That

by DecorMatters|Mar 15, 2022

We've all been feeling a little out of sorts with the recent shift of working from home, so imagine if there were a hack to reduce that overwhelm?

Well, there is! And it comes with the bonus of sprucing up your space on a budget.

A recent study found that a bacterium in indoor plant soil releases serotonin, i.e., that feeling of wanting to love and hug everyone.

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📸: @dejabotanic

Although we're not sure if it's that strong, having plants will make you feel better. You'll want to virtually hug your boss over Zoom, with links to improving mood and reducing anxiety; it sure will help manage not throwing a tile from your recent renovation project through the monitor at 9:15 am the following day!

Alongside these fantastic health benefits, indoor greenery can also completely change the look and feel of your space, making classy, flamboyant, at-home staple pieces all on a minimal budget with little day-to-day care.

So even if you are the known plant-killer among your friends, we're here to give you ideas on a couple of the most manageable and attractive indoor plants for your home or office space.

Snake Plants: Scrubbing the Air of Toxins While Improving Your Sleep And Energy!

Snake Plants are an easy to maintain, superbly attractive greenery that harnesses excellent benefits while looking marvelous in large, modern spaces.

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📸: @j.o.y.h.o.m.e

These plants can be left in the corner yet still survive for a very long time, maintaining their 'fresh looking' state even weeks after their last watering. Actually, don't water them in abundance, especially during the winter. Instead, let them dry out in between waterings.

We recommend placing a Snake Plant in your home office if you spend extended periods inside with your head at the computer as they love to cleanse the air around you, producing 32 grams of oxygen per every 150 grams of plant tissue grown!

Blog Post Image

📸: @fiveacresfarmhouse

This will clear your space of formaldehyde and benzene, which in turn will provide excellent air quality, improving your mood and energy levels (remember what we said about not wanting to throw that tile through the screen?).

As they need indirect sunlight, try and place the plant in front of sheer curtains, which are not only chic and attractive to your space but will give your plant the perfect light it needs without overdoing it and causing leaf burn.

Bamboo Palm: A Natural, Manageable Humidifying Beauty

Despite what you may think is the obvious here, Bamboo Palm isn't Bamboo!

Blog Post Image

📸: @gardens_and_architecture

They are a general palm found down in Mexico, and just like sitting on the beach down there, they're pretty laid back.

Recent studies have also shown that this palm family wins the best award for eliminating CO2 from your home space.

These plants thrive in medium to low-light conditions, making this the perfect house plant to pop anywhere in your home. Keep the soil evenly moist whenever it feels like it needs a top-up, and you're good to go!

Blog Post Image

📸: @gardenia.jaipur

These plants have an exotic and tropical feel to them and come in all sizes, creating the perfect sanctuary for your newly spruced up, carefully styled boho room. Large bamboo plants make the perfect staple piece for a space if you feel you need something a little more lively in your world.

English Ivy: Your At-Home, Adventurous Mold Exterminator

Not only does English Ivy clear homes up to 94% of its mold within 12 hours after they enter your home, but they're also easy to care for, stunningly beautiful plants that will adventurously grow in all directions and climb around your house with the proper tender, loving care.

Ivy hates wet soil, so wait until the top of the potting mixture dries out before watering and ensure the pot has room to drain at the bottom. If they're overwatered, they will turn brown, and you'll have essentially 'drowned' your new plant! Less is more with these green beauties.

Blog Post Image

📸: @_sofresh_and_sogreen_

Unlike the other plants we mentioned, Ivy loves bright light, so throw this one in your most luminous space and watch it spiral up, down, and side to side.

Ivy grows from all directions; leverage this by placing one of these wild plants in any corner of your home that needs some love and life. Over time, they will slowly start to climb up pieces of furniture if you give them the space to do so.

Blog Post Image

📸: @plantsjusthappened

Even if you've killed every plant you've ever touched, we think that starting with these three gorgeous, manageable, and patient plants will add a touch of affordable, classy style to your home office or general living space while lifting your mood and cleansing the air!

For more tips on how to spruce up your living space, follow DecorMatters for more interior design and technology content.

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