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How To Decorate A Nursery The Right Way

by Paul Harrison|Jun 21, 2022
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You’re probably reading this because you’ll have a beautiful new addition to your home soon. As a proud new parent, you will undeniably want the best for your baby, including raising them in an inspiring, creative, and safe environment. You’re here today because you want to turn one of your spare bedrooms into a nursery for your little one. But, you want to make sure that you decorate it the best way possible without making any common mistakes or unknowingly putting your child into harm’s way. With that in mind, take a look at the following inspirational tips to help your baby love being nurtured and resting in a fantastic nursery.

Buy Washable Wallpaper

Color schemes and pattern styles are undoubtedly a personal choice. If you decide to put wallpaper on your nursery walls, buying wallpaper that you can clean easily makes sense. Why? The answer is simple: your baby might make them dirty! You may not know this, but babies can sometimes projectile vomit or wee. Of course, it’s not a regular occurrence, but it does happen. Should that happen in your baby’s nursery, at least you’ll know it’s easy to wipe off the walls. If older children play in the nursery, there’s a chance they could mark the walls or write on them with pens. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be a disaster if you’ve got washable wallpaper, as the coating on them protects the underlying wallpaper from any damage.

Be Practical About Furniture

Designing a new nursery involves choosing the right furniture to go into the room. As you can imagine, you’ll need a few things, like a comfortable nursing chair, a chest of drawers for storing clothes and baby supplies, and a changing station. If you check out the nursery furniture at Cuckooland, you’ll come across a few examples of items that make sense to have in your nursery. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t put too many things in your nursery. Otherwise, it can feel crowded. The nursery should be a space with furniture to keep things organized, yet offer plenty of room for both the baby and their parents to use.

Don't Forget The Nightlight

It goes without saying that your baby will want the reassurance of some light in the room when they go to sleep. When they wake up at night, they won’t feel so frightened of being left alone because there is some light to help them see what’s around them. One of the easiest things to do is buy a nightlight. It can be something as simple as a nightlight bulb you could put into an existing bedside light, or you could buy a specific nightlight designed for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

Final Thoughts

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of things you should do to create the perfect nursery. What’s on this page is a selection of top tips to help you get started on your nursery decoration journey

This article was written by Paul from Design & Beyond.

Meet The Author

Paul started Design & Beyond back in 2015 as an online space to share his University portfolio and over the years it changed from a portfolio to a blog and a shop. Throughout the years, Paul has gained experience and learned a lot from the design world. He is passionate about all that he does so follow along on his journey to success!

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