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Home Doesn’t Feel Cozy? It Could Start With a Shape You May Have Neglected

by DecorMatters|Mar 31, 2022

What has no beginning, no end, and fills us with infinite feelings of completeness? It may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but it's as simple as a circle.

And many of us don't fill our homes with enough of them!

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📸: @mystylehomeblog

The emotional aspect of which shapes we fill our home with is often overlooked, but the proof is in the pudding when we look at our reactive responses. A study conducted in 1921 by a Swedish Psychologist asked subjects to draw lines and shapes that represented their emotions. In an overwhelming majority of responses, angular lines showed negative emotions in people, and curved lines expressed loving feelings of comfort.

Perhaps we'd go as far to say that this bias may be due to a biological response from evolution, as we tend to associate circles with the cute and cuddly roundness of a baby's face, thus over-showering us with feelings of innocence and trust.

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📸: @styledby.rhonda

And with the recent craze of mid-century modern regaining its influence in the last decade within the design world, most of us have picked up a habit of implementing too many harsh straight lines and blocked shapes within our home, an area which is paramount to being warm and inviting. We've completely neglected the importance of forms in amongst all the 50s design crazes. If you feel that your interior leaves you with less warm, cozy, and cuddly feelings, you've probably fallen victim to this revived trend. That's okay; we're here to save you.

You may be thinking, 'Great, but I've tried! Circles are so difficult to add to my home' Well, here are a few tips from us at DecorMatters to add more curves to your home to cozy it up!

What Hangs From the Ceiling, Hangs Onto Our Attention

When we walk into a home, lighting is one of the first to grab our attention. Whether it be the warmth or intensity it radiates, or the light fixtures themselves, lights are a bold statement that can be leveraged in your new circulated venture.

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📸: @igorjosif

And the good news is that there’s an abundance of unique, rounded lighting options in most lighting or interior decor stores, from simple fixtures to something a little more out there.

Start by looking to implement hanging light fixtures that offer round shades or side table lamps that harness a round base. We’d recommend starting off with something simple like this and growing your curiosity from there.

Opt for Circular Mirrors in Spaces With Harsh Lines by Default

Using mirrors to open up a space and reflect light is a well-known hack, but like anything hanging on our walls, circular mirrors are far easier to style to your home than other decorative objects.

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📸: @studiolinteriordesign

In certain rooms in your home where there may be a lot of straight and harsh lines that you cannot control their presence (such as your bathroom), a rounded mirror can easily add that warmth.

What’s the Epitome of Cozy? A Rug, of Course!

The go-to in turning a cold, bland space into a cozier one is to add an inviting, maybe even shaggy, floor rug to your room. A rug can heat up any space in an instant.

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📸: @tthese_beautiful_thingss

And what’s better is that rounded rugs are easy to style. Opt for a round rug on your next trip to your favorite home interior store if you’re struggling to add circles to your living room through decor or lighting.

All This Work on Your Home, It’s Time to Put Your Feet Up

Speaking of shopping for more elements to add to our warm space, we don’t know about you, but we like to pop our feet up after a long day of shopping for our home, to really enjoy it. Your next pouf could be an excellent opportunity to add roundness to your living room if you couldn’t find a rug that you love. Extra bonus cozy points if you can find your circular pouf in soft textiles like fake fur or wool.

Find out more tips on how to add warmth to your home by following our DecorMatters blog.

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