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Decorating on a Budget: Home Office Ideas

by DecorMatters|updated Sep 09, 2021

To stay motivated, inspired, and productive in your home office, it is essential to have a space to call your own. How your workspace is decorated significantly affects your productivity. You may find a bunch of office inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram and think it is impossible to design an office just as nice while on a budget. However, designing a space you cannot wait to work in does not mean you have to spend a lot. Check out our tips for decorating on a budget when designing your home office!

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Pick a space

Designating an entire room in your home for an office may not be an option for everyone, but it is also not necessary. The key to decorating the best home office design on a budget is to make the best of whatever space you have, whether you find a corner of a guest room, a spot in your bedroom or living room, or a kitchen nook, and make it work! It is important that the space you choose will be permanently dedicated to being your workspace so that all your necessities will always remain in one place.

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Thrift and repurpose

One of the best home office makeovers on budget ideas is to use what you already have as is or repurpose it. Since office furniture typically covers a bulk of the decorating budget, it is a big money-saving tip to reuse pieces throughout your home that offers customization and design solutions. An old kitchen or dining table can be repurposed as an office desk, giving you plenty of space that a more expensive office desk may also provide. An extra dresser can hold your files and office supplies. A comfortable chair in your guest room or taking up extra space in your bedroom can make a great office chair. An old shelf can be used to hold decor, books, or storage boxes. Mason jars are also an affordable and creative way to organize pens, pencils, rulers, and other office supplies.

Once you have re-evaluated all the possible items that could be reused as your home office furniture, visit thrift stores, use Craigslist, or shop around discount stores for deals to find the rest of your furnishings and larger items. You may be surprised at the amazing finds garage sales and flea markets have to offer if you take some time to shop around for bargains. Decorating on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice your style. When thrifting or shopping on Craigslist, shop for pieces based on scale and necessity because the look of the items can always be changed. You can use paint, add fabric, or use washi tape to create brand-new-looking pieces.

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Affordable wall decor

Ordering your favorite quotes and prints online can get pricey, but it would only cost you a few dollars if you printed them out yourself. The dollar store, IKEA, and Amazon have a variety of frames, which makes these DIY home office ideas easy and affordable. Adding wall art you created can instantly bring color, design, and dimension to your office space and is one of the best home office ideas on a budget. Calendars are also a great inexpensive option because they are useful for planning while also adding a decorative piece to your wall.

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Rethink your accessories

Accessories are the fun part to shop for when decorating, but that is also why they can add up to be a good chunk of your budget. You may find that if you start looking around the house for decorative pieces, you will begin accumulating little knickknacks that will soon fill your space without costing you a dime. A pretty rock you find in your garden can be used as a paperweight and some flowers you picked can be put in an old cup in place of a vase. Old photos that have been sitting in a dusty box in your garage can be taped on your wall as wall decor. It is simple to personalize your office space with items that you find around your home because they generally already represent who you are.

Your office inspiration photos do not have to cost you as much as they look. With some creativity and imagination, you can create an office space like your favorite home office design photos without breaking the bank. Not sure where you can squeeze a home office in a room in your home? Use our free DecorMatters app to test out different designs in different areas of your home before designing your dream space!

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