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Decorating on a Budget: Halloween Home Decor Ideas

by DecorMatters|updated Sep 28, 2021

If we are creeping it real, it is not ideal to spend a lot of money on Halloween decor when it comes and goes faster than you can say hocus pocus before having to spend again to redecorate for the upcoming holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, getting into the Halloween spirit does not have to cost you a skeleton arm and leg and can simply cost you a trip to your local dollar store and craft store. Check out our creative tips for decorating on a budget for your next Halloween home decor ideas.




Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Pumpkins are the go-to purchase to decorate for Halloween, let alone the fall season. However, purchasing a pumpkin and then carving it can add up and take more money out of your small budget than required. For cheap Halloween decoration ideas, purchase plastic or artificial pumpkins at your local dollar store or craft store. You can buy them in different colors, patterns, and textures to add variety throughout your home or you can DIY your own unique pumpkins. Save money and get creative decorating your pumpkins by using materials that you already have lying around the house, such as paint, Sharpies and colored pens, ribbons, and craft supplies like googly eyes. This will definitely save you time, money, and the mess!


Outdoor Cemetery

This classic scary Halloween decoration idea transforms your yard, front or back, into a creepy cemetery that will get everyone talking. This Halloween home decor DIY project can simply be done for free with reclaimed materials you find or you can create a graveyard with cheap Halloween decorations you can once again find in your local stores. Most dollar stores will have cardboard or polyfoam tombstones that you can generously arrange throughout your yard to create a spooky miniature graveyard. Another fun way to place your tombstones for creepy outdoor Halloween decorations is to align them and establish a haunted pathway for trick-or-treaters or your guests as they approach your front door. Check out our tips for decorating your porch for fall to keep the Halloween home decor going once your guests have walked through your chilling pathway!



When you think of cheap Halloween decorations and costumes, one of the first things that come to mind are ghosts and they happen to be one of the easiest Halloween house decorations to DIY on a budget. Old bedsheets or dollar store plastic table covers and a Sharpie are all you need to create a bunch of ghosts to place around your house or hang from a tree in your yard. Simply using a white face towel or leftover fabric placed or wrapped around a ball or small object can create mini ghosts for you to place throughout your home.




Webs and Spiders

One of the best Halloween home decor ideas that can easily decorate multiple areas of your home for a cheap price is bags of spider webs. This affordable option can be used indoors to drape around furniture, hang from ceilings, and stick on to windows and outdoors to stretch across trees, bushes, and your front door. This is the perfect Halloween home decor for those who struggle with creative DIY projects because it is used as-is and does not require cutting, gluing, or anything crafty. Throw in some plastic spiders that you can buy by the bag full for cheap onto the webs and you have created one of our simple, but effective scary Halloween decoration ideas.


Spooky Art

It’s time for some fun spooky art. Print out or draw photos, quotes, and sayings with black ink on white paper or vice versa. This cheap Halloween decoration idea saves you money because it does not require colored ink and easily helps you stay on theme by sticking to these two simple colors. You can replace them in frames you already have sitting around the house or hang them up to create a gallery wall. Add an affordable decorative touch by hanging up your favorite artwork with black or orange washi tape.




Bats have taken over Halloween home decor ideas when it comes to filling walls and we are not complaining. They are a fun option for your next DIY project or inexpensive Halloween home decor purchase. You can hang them from the ceiling, place them on your mantle or tables, or create a line of flying bats on your empty wall for a unique look.



Skulls and Skeletons

Skulls make great spooky centerpieces and you can find a lot of different options for great prices at your local dollar store or party store. Skeletons are a must-have Halloween home decor because they scream Halloween and everyone loves a good skeleton photo opportunity. There are numerous ways to incorporate them into your home, including posable life size skeletons, skeleton garlands, or DIY paper skeletons taped to a window.

Darker rooms

You will love this simple idea for decorating on a budget because all you have to do is turn off the lights and light some candles. Not only does this lower your electricity bill, but the dim lighting from lit candles fills your home with the cozy, yet spooky feel you love this time of year.


Halloween Tree

Confused? So were we, but this is actually a real thing and we love it. Bust out the Christmas tree even earlier this year and make the most of this reusable purchase. You can add a bunch of Halloween home decor ideas we have listed so far to not only decorate your home, but you can also use it to decorate your tree.

We hope these tips for decorating on a budget will help you get in the Halloween spirit and save money! You might need to move some furniture around indoors and outdoors to accommodate to your new additions, including the statement skeleton. Our free DecorMatters app is there to help you design and rearrange your home at your fingertips with ease.

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