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Halloween Homes: Interior Design Tips for the Stylish & Spooky

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 18, 2022

More than 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween every year, seizing the opportunity to dress up their homes, as well as themselves. And while the holiday is often associated with cliché decorations, there are more sophisticated ways to get in the spirit without resorting to overdone decor. Moreover, with trick-or-treaters knocking at your door, now is the perfect time to showcase your artistic interior design skills.

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📷 Liz

Whether you have excitable kids or want a timeless Halloween-inspired look for your home, here's how to achieve a stylish yet spooky aesthetic:

Grown-up Glamor

When it comes to Halloween, antiques are very fitting, plus are very on-trend. Opt for a faux skull, an elaborate candlestick, or a statement bust to add some flair to your mantelpieces around the house. Try to pair pieces alongside metallic objects that give the illusion of a festive setting - for example, large ornate mirrors hung in bare spaces next to candles will reflect the flickering lights in the evening.

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📷 Lee Anne Benjamin, Jenna Sue

For something more seasonal, give a nod to fall with a vignette and curate a gathering of gourds, dried leaves, and vases in various spaces in the corridors. Stick to deep colors like reds, blacks, and golds for a gothic appearance. Meanwhile, in the dining space, arrange a table complete with masks, clocks, copper metal cups, and caramelized apples. The table will be the focal point of the room and will be the perfect location to host mysterious Halloween parties.

A crow placed subtly above the eye line of the room can help build an Edgar Allan Poe vibe - but be sparing with plastic animals as they can quickly seem like a haunted house attraction.

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📷 Steffi, Kasey

Alternatively, for classy, minimalist design, dot orange cushions and throws against white furniture and nooks for a sleek place to unwind. A black and white theme can be just as powerful, with dashes of soft pink for a delicate, yet slightly ominous, color palette. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, tie all the elements together with a roaring fire and suspenseful music.

Looks for Little Ones

Over in the kids' rooms, it's time to get creative. Soluble spray paint is great to draw bats and ghouls on the walls without worrying about permanent home damage. Group your designs in threes and twos, close to doorways and windows for a tasteful Halloween effect. Another good idea is to use chalkboard paint so that kids can write and erase their own scary messages on the wall. Just remember to avoid fake blood, as it can get messy very quickly.

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📷 Brittany

For the bed, string fake cobwebs around like drapes, so kids can feel like they're in an abandoned house, while also making the room look a little regal. Then do some DIY adjustments to the light fixtures by covering them with stuffed stocking that will hang like legs and look like a witch has fallen through the ceiling.

If there are shelves or storage spaces in the room, display Halloween books and crafts on them, then place magnetic spiders around the edges; you could even create a spider trail from the walls up to the bed frame and curtain railings. In other pockets of the room, dust off any old items you have and stack things like an old typewriter and a bell jar on a vintage suitcase, then pin black and white photos around. The scenes will be brilliant for thinking up Halloween stories to exchange at night.

Don't forget that plants are an affordable and effective way to give a room a storyline too. A Venus Flytrap or a potted plant with visible roots and twister branches can be eerie and are guaranteed to get your kids' attention.

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📷 Emily

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📷 Jannine

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📷 Jen

Halloween decor doesn't have to be stereotypical gore. In fact, for both adults and kids, there are smart interior design hacks that can set a spooky theme and still be fashionable. So, why not embrace your inner experimentalist and test different shades, textures, and concepts in your home? You may find that some of the designs suit your home on a year-round basis.

Happy Halloween!

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