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Ideas & Inspiration

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

by DecorMatters|updated Sep 14, 2021

With endless ways to decorate a cozy home for fall, it does not hurt to go the extra mile and make a statement by decorating your front porch. There are plenty of options to bring in fall decorations to your front porch, whether you have a lot of space or limited space to work with. Check out our fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration that will impress your family and friends before they even walk in the door!

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Blog Post Image

(@juliahengel & @karaspartyideas)

Pile on the gourds and pumpkins

Create a unique and awe-inspiring stoop or walkway by lining up an assortment of pumpkins and gourds in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Fill your front porch with fun porch pumpkins! Not in the mood for carving pumpkins and cleaning up the mess afterward? Luckily for you, not all pumpkins need to be carved. There are countless DIY pumpkin decorating ideas that will not take up much of your time or money and allow simple customization to create a family of pumpkins that will fit right in with yours. You can tie patterned ribbons around pumpkins, paint pumpkins according to your desired color scheme, or add googly eyes to them for a silly and fun look. Mixing in some floral arrangements and leaves in between complete the look of one of our favorite fall porch ideas!

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Stack on the hay

Bales of hay are one of the essential decorations when you think of fall. They are also one of the easiest fall decorating ideas for outside to add height and levels to your displays. When the season is over and we approach winter, throw the hay on your compost pile and come springtime, you can fertilize your garden with it!

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

(@homestoriesatoz & @rachparcell)

Stand up for corn stalks

Nothing pairs better with pumpkins and bales of hay for a favorite fall look than corn stalks. This decorative piece will add height to any area of your front porch by drawing the eyes vertically. Simply bunch together some dried corn stalks and keep them secure with some twine or fall-colored ribbons to add a more personalized look.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

(@my_humble_abode & @thegingerhome)

Hang a wreath or garland

Wreaths are known for their beautiful displays around Christmastime, but they are actually great decoration pieces all year round. Wreaths do not have to be made of your typical flowers and leaves. Although a floral display in rich fall colors will make your entryway warm and welcoming, unique wreaths with fall items, such as acorns, pumpkins, and dried florals bring a fun decorative element to your fall front porch. An oversized garland is a beautiful fall front porch decorating idea on a budget to frame your door. It can make such a big impact on your design that it may be the only piece you need to dress up your porch.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

(@kurtzmodernfarmhouse & @the_gray_doorfarmhouse)

Create storage displays

A cute fall porch idea is to create storage that is also bringing in decorative value. A fall crate display adds height to your porch, whether it acts as a stool for your pumpkins and plants or acts as a shelf or side table. Stacking a few wooden crates is a simple fall front porch decorating idea on a budget as they are inexpensive, but functional and different. Additionally, repurposing a little red wagon is a cute fall porch idea because it takes a well-known piece of fall furniture and turns it into a focal point on your front porch. You can fill it with pumpkins, gourds, hay, florals, and more.

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Pillows and blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are not only a necessity for creating a cozy interior for fall, but they also bring the same warmth and comfort to the outdoors. It is perfect for when you are relaxing on your porch during the chilly fall nights!

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

(@strangefarmhouse & @bentleyblonde)

Add a rocking chair

A rocking chair is one of the classic porch seating options for fall that screams comfort in the outdoors. Guests can gather outside and cozy up under plenty of warm blankets. As a functional fall porch idea that adds to the fall aesthetic, rocking chairs are one of the best fall porch decorations to include when designing your outdoor space.

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Light it up

It is time to dust off those holiday lights you packed up last spring and string them wherever you please. They can be strung from the ceiling, in potted plants or shrubs, or wrapped around other decorative pieces of your display to create a warm fall feel.

With creative planning, one of these front porch ideas could be all you need to design an amazing outdoor space. However, the best fall porch decorations for you may be a mixture of a few or all of these fall porch decorating ideas. Our free DecorMatters app offers you copious amounts of decorative options to create a mood board at your fingertips before making your front porch ideas come to life.

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