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DecorMatters: The “Instagram for Home Designers” Lets Your Creativity Fly

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 31, 2020

Have you ever been stuck with a design project and hit a wall for what to do next? As DecorMatters is known to be the best collaborative platform for interior design, this free in-app community provides the most relaxing and enjoyable design journey from inspiration to conception, from discussion to collaboration, and from design to visualization.

No matter if you are new to design or are a professional designer, DecorMatters helps discover your unique style, creativity, and potential through inspiration feeds, design blogs, DIY video tutorials, and design challenges.

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Community Inspiration

Unlike most boring design tools, DecorMatters is not only the best collaborative design tool but also a native user-friendly social networking community. It gives you the opportunity to easily express your ideas while engaging with other vibrant and creative designers. A huge benefit of this, besides unlimited design inspiration from peers, you can virtually experience their amazing homes, vacation, life moments, and daily experiences around the world.

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Home Design Tips and Tricks

Our in-app community welcomes questions and advice. Comment on posts if you are curious about how someone was inspired for their design if you want the best way to place that new sectional in your living room, or for any other design tips. Do not be afraid to be open with your questions, as our community is nothing but helpful.

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Explore Your Uniqueness

As you grow as an interior designer, you begin to discover your unique style and technique, and DecorMatters nurtures this growth in many ways. Sources of design inspiration include blogs, video blogs, decoration ideas for every type of room and style, and more. Our biggest goal is to provide these sources of inspiration and give our users the ability to simplify their home design experience. Along with this, to make it even easier for users to discover their preferred style, we recommend utilizing our filter feature, which allows users to filter their inspiration feed by style (modern, traditional, and industrial). This allows you not only to identify and understand more about each style and how others present it but also to customize your feed specific to your wants and needs.

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Challenge Yourself

Practice makes perfect, and our in-app design challenges provide the opportunity to consistently challenge yourself and improve your skills over time. Art is hard, but art is also simple. While everyone has their own unique creativity, being able to receive feedback from the community gives you the option to see and discover your own potential.

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With that being said, let our vibrant and creative community further your passion, knowledge, and skill for interior design. Make lifelong friends and enjoy your home design experience with our free DecorMatters app.

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