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Biophilic Christmas: Decorating With Nature

by Silvia|Dec 23, 2021

What is a biophilic Christmas? Certainly, it’s a Christmas that feels close to nature. Even better, it’s a Christmas that cherishes the surroundings, taking in what winter has to give locally.

Walking outdoors one can find branches, leaves, twigs, and berries that – with some creativity and a little time – will become honest and interesting decorations to infuse the holidays with a biophilic spirit.

Let’s get inspired!


Casually woven twigs give an authentic feel to wreaths. More refined or proudly imperfect, the result will celebrate the simple beauty of what’s found in nature.

Blog Post Image

Credit: Design*Sponge

Blog Post Image

Credit: Ria Fletcher

Blog Post Image

Credit: LapinBlu

Blog Post Image

Credit: Trendenser - Photo Frida Ramstedt

Blog Post Image

Credit: via From Britain with Love


Pieces of the great outdoors also lend themselves to becoming ornaments. It all starts with berries, pinecones, leaves, fruits, or whatever else your creativity suggests!

Blog Post Image

Credit: Vtwonen

Blog Post Image

Credit: Say Yes

Blog Post Image

Credit: Spoon Fork Bacon

Blog Post Image

Credit: Polka Dot Wedding


Raw empty branches are everywhere. Seemingly uninteresting, they have an elegant attitude that draws sculptural lines in the space. And sparse ornaments are all it takes to make them festive.

Blog Post Image

Credit: Solebich – Photo by Hexe

Blog Post Image

Table Decorations

Centerpieces and name tags bring Christmas onto the table. Natural elements will serve the purpose simply and honestly, without distracting too much from the food and the joy of a shared festive meal.

Blog Post Image

Credit: Maddie Bachelder

Blog Post Image

Credit: White Picket Farmhouse

Blog Post Image

Credit: Paces West

Blog Post Image

Credit: These Four Walls.

Blog Post Image

Credit: Burkatron

Christmas is a Feeling

Christmas is the season of gifts, celebrations, and decorations. But none of these things will bring Christmas into the heart.

Above everything else, Christmas is a feeling, and it takes a moment of consciousness to get into the mood. But then gifts become heartfelt attentions, celebrations become precious shared moments, and decorating for Christmas becomes the way to slow down, feel the magic of the holiday season, and visually bring it into the space.

In this mood, going for a walk outdoors is a pleasurable alternative to rushing through the aisles of a décor store. A creative exercise that can be enjoyed as a personal moment or shared with family and friends; an occasion to explore ones’ surroundings and observe familiar nature with renewed attention.

This article was written by Silvia from DforDesign.

Meet The Author

Silvia is an interior designer and content creator who resides in Switzerland. For her, interior design is way more than aesthetics. That's why she says that she's on a mission to make interior good for wellbeing and our planet.

Both on clients' projects and on the blog, her work focuses on:

Biophilic Design: wellbeing-centered interiors that take inspiration from nature.

Sustainable Design: products & materials that are mindful of the environment and support the development of a circular economy.

Check out her Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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