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Around the World: Design Challenge

by DecorMatters|Mar 05, 2021

Interior design not only varies in style based on the clients' needs or preferences but also on geographic location and trends! What may be considered traditional in one country, can have an entirely different meaning in another. This is the beauty of interior design, style and tastes are incredibly diverse just like our community of designers!

📷 @classic_times

We wanted to challenge our users to think outside of the box, and possibly their home country, and immerse themselves into design trends from other places while still making it their own. Design is a form of art and expression that has a wide variety of options. We offered our users 5 different rooms inspired by 5 different countries with furniture that could be used to represent that country’s style the best.

The inspiration for this Series Challenge was brought to us by one of our talented users on the app: @danay_r_gt. We felt it was a great opportunity for the community to learn a bit more about the different styles of design that can be found around the world. Below you’ll find designs of rooms in Iceland, America, England, Australia, and China. They all use furniture and colors to match the country of inspiration!

📷, @decolady

📷 @madona.xo, @scarlette17

Thanks for reading! If you like what you saw, DecorMatters is free to virtually design any space, play interior decoration games and connect with others in a vibrant community!

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