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Add a Splash of Summer: 2019 Summer Interior Design Ideas

by DecorMatters|May 23, 2019

With summer approaching, it's time to embrace and manifest sunshine and positivity. One way to accomplish this is to prepare your home to be an environment you will be happy to live in. Adding a splash of summer into your interior design ideas this 2019 is a productive way to radiate sunshine and positivity into your life. After a few simple tweaks and minor additions, a home can transform into a space that feels like your perfect little summer getaway.

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Add a splash of color

An obvious, but highly effective way of adding a splash of summer to your interior design is to bring in vibrant colors. Adding color through throw pillows, patterned throw blankets, lampshades, and furniture is a great way to make a space look more lively and bring the feel of summer into your home. To merge this summer interior design idea efficiently, it’s encouraged to use bright and bold colors, but pastels and matte finishes are also great options if you prefer more muted colors. Additionally, color can be showcased through bold art prints on the wall. To save money, you can print and frame photos from your favorite summer vacations to create an intriguing gallery wall. The photos are not only visually appealing, but they’re also on par with the summer theme.

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Neutral doesn’t mean dull

Contrary to popular belief that adding pops of color is the quintessential way of bringing the feeling of summer into a home, a soft and neutral space can do so as well. Neutral does not always mean dull. The light and airy feeling of summer is easily expressed and achievable in a neutral space. Sometimes stepping away from adding color to every possible space can be refreshing because a clean and relaxed space can still present the happy feeling that color gives to a space. Incorporating white wood furniture is also an effective summer interior design idea because it helps a room feel breezy, summery, and lighter. One of the simplest and budget-friendly ways to adopt this neutral style is to convert your current furniture to white wood with paint or getting crafty with other simple DIY upgrades. If you’d prefer keeping your darker furniture the way it is, investing in white throws and pillows to place on sofas, chairs, and beds is a great way to brighten up your space.

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Play with summery patterns

Summery patterns are great options to add a splash of summer to a space. Bright colors, bold patterns, and prints on wallpapers, sofas, rugs, pillows and throws add a fun element of design and are the many different ways you can play with adding summer vibes into your home. There are endless options of popular summer decor prints and patterns to choose from, including colorful florals, eclectic prints, and geometric patterns to incorporate into your summer interior design. A minimal alternative summer print for those who are looking for a seasonless approach is to go for a muted pastel or watercolor prints.

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Simply add yellow

Mixing in yellow tones in your summer interior design is an understated and simple way of adding a splash of summer into your space. Yellow is the epitome and unquestioned dominant color of every summer. From mustard to soft yellows, it is a color that will always bring positivity and joy to a space. If you want to manifest sunshine year round, painting a yellow accent wall or hanging large yellow prints are impactful ways to keep the feel of summer around. In addition, styling subtle hints of yellow throughout a space won’t go out of season or look out of place. If you’re looking to switch out your decor after summer, we suggest going for minimal splashes of yellow, such as a pillow, candle, vase, or side table that are easily switched out.

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Paint a vibrant door

A true pop of color and unique alternative, painting your front door or any door in your home a vibrant color like yellow, blue, green, pink, or orange is a fun way to add a splash of summer to your space. This summer interior design idea offers a distinct design feature that will automatically cheer up a room. As vividly painted doors are less common, bright colors are not always necessary as any color will pop with this unique concept. The color of the door can change with the new season, which makes this an easy option to add a splash of color for a specific time period.

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Bring in the comfort of floor cushions

When you think of summer, you are reminded of the times when you relaxed and enjoyed the bright days and breezy nights gathered around people you love. Integrating floor pillows in your summer interior design adds a comforting element to a space. Whether they’re placed indoors to add extra seating or outdoors as part of a dining area with a low table, floor pillows are a great way to add a splash of summer to your interior design. Finding the right floor pillows with bold colors, nice textures, and vibrant patterns are easy ways to incorporate summer into your interior design.

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Bring the outside in

The simplest, yet most effective summer interior design idea is to bring the nature outside into your space. Multiple plants, such as large leafy plants and hanging plants, and vibrant fresh flowers emphasize summer and add color and brightness to any space. A low-maintenance plant to consider that is perfect for the summer aesthetic are cactus plants. Another fun way to add color and a splash of summer to any room is filling a bowl with fruit and placing it as a centerpiece or accent in a room, typically styled in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The natural color of fruits adds a nice detail and refreshing feel of summer to any room.

You might be looking for some summer interior design ideas to add a splash of summer to your home for the season and to switch out in the fall or you may want to embrace the boldness and sunshine for longer. Either way, the free DecorMatters app helps you visualize the changes you want to incorporate or remove from the list of summer interior design ideas before executing them.

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