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Add a Little Love to Your Home: Valentine's Day Interior Design

by DecorMatters|Feb 11, 2021

Did you know people are repurposing their Christmas trees for February 14th to revive the festive season?

We are bound to see this, and some other really unique Valentine’s Day ideas and trends this year. This is down to many of us still adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, looking for distractions, and any way to continue spreading love during this difficult time.

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📷 Adrianna Zielińska

Firstly, outdoor picnic setups, whether it be in your backyard, at the beach, or in your vehicle's trunk, will be a very popular option. Have a stylish, romantic day out with pink fleece throws, charcuterie boards with a selection of Valentine’s sweets, treats, and goodies, and perhaps some booze served in personalized wine glasses to encourage budding romance while staying socially distanced.

After months of being cooped up at home, it can be hard to find new and exciting things to do with your significant other too. So, if you and your partner would prefer to stay in, block out an afternoon for a crafting session, turn on some festive Valentine's Day tunes, and let the creative juices flow. With the following tips, you can produce some elegant DIY Valentine's Day decorations for your movie night together.

Don’t Underestimate Flower Arrangements

Roses and carnations are timeless, simple, and provide instant festivity – you can even pick them up from the grocery store while you do your regular shopping (to avoid unnecessary contact).

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📷 Judy Dill

We would recommend buying 8-10 roses, some red spray carnations, a selection of small-leaved foliage, some ivy leaves, a red container of any shape, and a block of soaked floral foam to create an elegant, irresistible arrangement for your table or windowsill. Follow this video if you need some extra inspiration. Alternatively, if you fancy getting even more creative, you could place a more modest arrangement in a handcrafted geometric heart vase, and paint it with different shades of pink and coral.

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📷 Gina & Ryan Photography

Some vouch for artificial flowers instead, perhaps in the form of well-crafted, delicate wreaths to hang on their front doors – an indicator that cupid has touched those inside and they plan to celebrate accordingly! Others choose to place wreaths on their kitchen doors - you can buy the heart form and roses from Dollar Tree, and burlap and hot glue gun from Walmart. For an even simpler floral heart wreath, head over to this blog for ingenious tips.

Your Walls Want In On The Romance Too

There are many different crafts that can liven up your blank walls. String lights are perfect to hang up your favorite postcards, polaroids, birthday cards, photos, and illuminate them at the same time. You’ll need to grab a hammer and some nails. Then, drape your fairy lights from side to side, weaving the lights back and forth over each nail. Or, for an effortless romantic gesture, invest in some heart-shaped micro fairy lights. That will get your partner saying: I love you watts and watts!

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

📷 Etsy, Michelle

A red heart paper garland could look felicitous in your kitchen, or delicately draped across a bedroom wall too. Why not have a go making this tasteful garland with patterned papers or festive fabrics. You could even couple the handmade garland with a series of pre-cut foam hearts glued together to make a table runner. Check out this Pinterest page for more romantic handcrafted decor tricks.

Spice Up Your Bedroom and Lounge

Scatter red accessories across the rooms for subtle sensual undertones; pom pillow covers, cozy blankets, lampshades, placemats, mugs, and glasses are a great way to start.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

📷 Christopher Funk, Amelia Edmondson

Warm lighting is a given when creating an intimate atmosphere, and less is definitely not more in this case. Splurge and buy some heart-shaped red tea lights, or even lace-wrapped votive candles - either would set the mood. Just picture them sprinkled around a room, or a collection huddled together in one corner.

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📷 Chelsae Anne

You can take this further and create your own votive candle holders with a glittery glow. You’ll need mason jars (or left-over marmalade jars), spray paint, spray adhesive, glitter, and stickers (or adhesive vinyl). Then, when you have personalized it, add the finishing touch - a candle.

Otherwise, if you are hoping to keep it simple this year but equally want to show your partner just how much you care, look into purchasing a recycled newspaper or eco photo frame with your favorite photo together.

Try to be creative this year and get everyone in your household involved. After all, 2020 was an extremely challenging year and these Valentine's Day decorations will help your family feel the love on February 14th, and beyond. More than ever, we deserve it. Happy Valentine’s to you all!

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