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A Synergy Needed: Where Do Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers' Ideas Meet?

by DecorMatters|Feb 28, 2023

The real estate and interior design industries are their own separate fields. Both professions are needed when preparing a home for sale, but surprisingly today, they often work independently of each other still.

Outdoor patio interior design created by interior designers

📸: @pattersoncustomhomes

We’re here to tell you about the power of collaboration between real estate agents and interior designers and how it actually results in a better experience for everyone. The perfect space and the perfect sale can be provided when the two work together.

With that being said, where do the two worlds intersect? How do the talents and expertise of both professionals come together to create a harmonious relationship? We are going to explore the intriguing synergy between real estate agents and interior designers, and how they can achieve the best results possible, together.

How Interior Designers and Real Estate Agents Help Each Other

Buying and selling properties is a real estate agent’s cup of tea. Using their real estate know-how, they aim to land their clients the best deals possible. The industry requires knowledge about numerous factors, like location, market trends, competition, and the property's condition. The overall goal is to find the perfect space that a potential buyer will feel right at home in.

White modern kitchen cabinet design created by interior designers

📸: @homebyjulianne

This is where interior designers come in! They will present the home in the best possible light! Interior designers specialize in creating functional and visually stunning spaces that not only reflect a potential buyer’s personal style but also meet their personal needs. Interior designers also have to consider a variety of factors when designing a home, including the home’s architecture, current trends, local competition, and the target market.

Elegant and modern bathroom created by interior designers

📸: @amberinteriors

That's where real estate agents are handy! They give interior designers valuable intel on what's hot and what's not in the local market. This insider info can help interior designers create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also more attractive to potential buyers.

The Benefits of a Synergy between Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers

Real estate and interior design are more connected than ever. Together, interior designers and real estate agents working as a team result in boosted property value, appeal, and marketability. The valuable information provided by real estate agents allows interior designers to create the perfect shape. The way a space is designed and presented will make potential buyers truly feel at home. This results in a faster sale, a better price, and finding the perfect fit. And not to mention, the synergy brings higher profits for both professionals. 

Dark and moody living room design created by interior designers

📸: @thehillarystyle

The future is here and interior design is actually more accessible than ever. Real estate agents have easy access to interior design services through virtual staging apps. Interior designers can scale the number of projects they can handle and create designs for clients more efficiently. With new technologies such as 3D models, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, virtual interior designs can be created within minutes.

Living room decor designed using the decormatters app

📸: @bronz

Whether you are a real estate agent, interior designer, or home decor enthusiast, there’s something for you in our interior design app. DecorMatters allows you to decorate real rooms, play design games, shop for furniture and decorations, and you’ll be immersed in a community of over 10 million designers.

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