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Why Interior Design Is Essential When Listing Your Home

by DecorMatters|Feb 15, 2023

When ready to list your home, it’s essential to remember one crucial factor: First impressions are everything. You must convince potential buyers that your home is the perfect place for them from the moment they walk through the front door.

Interior design is a key factor in achieving this goal, ensuring your home feels organized, comfortable, and inviting. From choosing colors and furniture to arranging the layout of each room, interior design can help you showcase your home's best features and attract potential buyers. 

japandi interior design essentials when listing a home

📸: @studio_m6 

If you're thinking, ''Why would I invest further in my property just to make it appear nicer for the new owners?'' Remember that putting your house on the market without at least making some minor interior design changes will seriously hurt your prospects of finding a buyer and reduce your final profit.

Here are three reasons why you need an interior design overhaul before listing your property in the competitive housing market.

Interior Design Adds a Newer, Fresher Approach to Your Well-Loved Abode

Freshening up your home can make a big difference in attracting buyers and getting the absolute best offer. With a few tweaks here and there, you can give your house the "wow" factor that will increase its overall appeal.

Modern and warm bedroom decor, interior design essential when listing your home

📸: @dianawhiteint

Of course, you may feel that because your home has been lived in before, prospective purchasers should enter expecting to observe some signs of wear and tear. If they disagree with it, they should only consider brand-new construction.

However, spending the effort to make small improvements can result in additional offers.

A bold laundry room design with checkered tile floors is essential when listing your home

📸: @housewestdesign

Imagine that you were to purchase a used automobile. You would expect the dealership to have cleaned and polished the outside, vacuumed the interior, and even taken the time to spray some of that iconic "new car fragrance" before you drive it off the lot. Rightfully so — you wouldn't want to buy a car covered with the crumbs of other people's meals.

Minimal and chic home office interior design essential when listing your home

📸: @cb2

The process of updating your home's interior decor is very similar. A fresh coat of paint or new carpeting will make the home feel new and fresh, making purchasers feel better about the finished product they'll get for the (considerably huge) amount of money they're about to pay. All while keeping the house's structural integrity unaffected.

Investing in Your Home’s Current Condition Will Bring You Money

Let's be blunt—the housing market is about money. As a homeowner, it makes sense that you would want to get the most profit when you sell your house.

A real estate agent considers the qualities your property offers and compares those features to similar properties currently on the market or recently sold to calculate the appropriate list price for your home. Location, size, and interior design are a few of these features.

Unique  kitchen island essential interior design when listing your home 

📸: @constanzeladner

You are powerless against the first two elements. But what do you have control over? Yep, you’ve guessed it right—the interior decor.

When deciding whether to list one house higher than another, factors like kitchen upgrades, and bathroom remodels are highly considered in the valuing process. Therefore, interior design overhauls pre-selling are a valuable investment.

Functional Interior Design Helps Prospective Buyers Visualize

Before making a purchase, buyers take the time to tour a home to better understand how practical it is. Can their family co-exist in it harmoniously? Can it be a blended work environment?

Buyers will likely lose interest as soon as they set eyes on your property if the interior is poorly designed, as they can't imagine true functionality if they're distracted by poor or outdated elements.

A bright and airy bathroom is an interior design essential when listing your home

📸: @leclairdecor 

Good interior designs help prospective homeowners to envision more easily how they can use the space to suit their preferences. Additionally, purchasers are hesitant to purchase properties with poor aesthetic appeal. Before letting prospective buyers into your home for a viewing, ensure everything is in excellent condition.

Overall, the real estate market is a test of one's mental strength and traditionally isn't an easy transitional period. Make it easier on you and your family by considering an overhaul before placing your property on the market.

Dining room design created by the DecorMatters app 

📸: @nasa75

Needing inspiration? Check out the DecorMatters blog for more interior design information. Our room design app offers an enjoyable and easy way to get started with interior design. So, if you're ready to have fun with home decorating, download the DecorMatters app today.

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