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5 Vintage Pieces You Need and How to Get Them Now

by Meegan Buschor|Jun 03, 2021

We know that vintage is trending which is funny because it’s been around forever… hence, vintage. This “grandma’s house” style that Curtis has endearingly called it has overcome my home as I’ve found a new passion for thrifting. Maybe it’s the thrill of finding something unique or the fact that I never know what I’m going to suddenly fall in love with, but I seriously prefer treasure hunting as opposed to box store shopping.

Open living room space, comfy seating, neutral tones

Okay, okay, so you’ve seen my thrift hauls in my stories, you may even love them as much as I do, but how can you have them too? It’s not like I have a swipe up to share with you. And where do you even begin with these trending antique goods? Well, I have rounded up the must-have list to get you started on that collected, oh-so-sophisticated look. And if you can’t make it to the thrift shop, or maybe even buying used grosses you out - I’ve got you covered. Here are some vintage dupes you can shop for instantly.

1. Vintage Rugs: You’ll see them layered or making their own understated statement in any room. They really just seem to “go” just about anywhere with any decor and I love the subtle command they take on any space

Vintage rug

2. Brass Candle Holders: These are a staple when it comes to pulling off a vintage vignette. They elude cozy, have a touch of charm, and are super easy to find. My Goodwill is always stocked with them and is usually priced under $5.  

brass candle holders

3. Wooden Bowls: Fill them with fruit, and moss, or just leave them empty. These bowls double as decor and can even look pretty hung on your walls. Both light and dark woods go and feel free to mix types! The best price you’ll find for one of these is here.

wooden bowls

4. Oil Paintings: I’m not going to pretend that I am an art snob, most of the art in my home is Meegan originals, but oil paintings are a beautiful way to incorporate personality, color, and interest to any wall or shelfie. Real oil paintings can run hundreds of dollars, but I have had the luck of snagging a few under $40. If you don’t mind having the same print and love the $32 price tag, snag this little guy.  

oil painting

5. Pottery: I’ll be the first to admit that I rub my vases in the dirt. It gives it the perfect worn, old-world look. But, it’s dirt…so for those of you who aren’t keen on this DIY trend, I’ll give you the dirt, pun intended, on what to buy new. I have found that buying new can be just as expensive as actually buying these pieces in their true vintage form. Here are some examples with varying price points.

ceramic pottery

This article was written by Meegan Buschor at MIA Interiors.

Meet the Author

Meegan has always had a passion for beauty and design. From a young age, she was drawing intricate blueprints of houses and used magazine clippings to describe the details of her make-believe homes. After years of styling weddings and photoshoots, she decided it was time to redirect her passion back toward interiors.

Follow along with Meegan on Instagram and her blog! You won't want to miss out!

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