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5 Interior Designers to Watch in 2021

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 25, 2021

During 2020, interior designers across the world acknowledged that people had been turning to their homes as the place for creativity and personalization, and therefore capitalized on promoting comfort, character, and bright colors.

This year, the trends mentioned above are expected to continue with environmental consciousness being on everyone’s minds too. We feel it’s important to spotlight budding designers that offer eco-friendly items, pander to the Conscious Consumer, and highlight the diverse voices behind their products.

In fact, after the surge in awareness of equal rights for people of color, many of you may have turned your focus to fund and show support to black-led companies and enterprises. Check out the Black Interior Designers Network where they post the Designer of the Month to keep an eye on the rising talent.

We have selected five interior designers for you to watch out for this year as they have varying backgrounds and champion different colors, patterns, and textures:

Yinka Ilori

First up is UK-based British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori who fuses together his “British and Nigerian heritage to tell new stories in contemporary design”. His clashing patterns and bright colors quite literally celebrate life and unapologetically scream happiness.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

His homeware collection includes; vibrantly colored cushions that use a jacquard technique allowing for intricate details, Tibetan wool rugs, and hand-thrown irregularly-shaped crockery with precise, geometric patterns. His designs for home goods are provocative and fun, exactly what homeowners are searching for to brighten up 2021.

Lucy Barlow

Barlow founded the design studio, Barlow & Barlow, in 2013 with her brother and they have since established themselves as some of London’s most exciting interior designers. Named “color queen”, she is known for her bold use of color and print, particularly pinks, greens, and blues; “I love creating spaces full of interest which offer up more and more every-time you look at them”.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

She’s a maximalist at heart and always tries “to encourage clients to be braver” but, she also highlights the importance of paying great attention to functionality; “When you get through the door, do you have somewhere immediately to hang your coat, to put your keys, to put your shoes?...In your bedroom, have you got somewhere to put your clothes if you don’t have the energy to hang them up?”

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

Watch out for her modern bohemian style to create your own boho-chic interiors. Have you picked up an incurable wanderlust? Do you get your creative juices flowing as an artist, painter, or writer? Or maybe you had a hippie childhood like Caitlin Moran? If so, Barlow is the designer for you.

Sara Berks

Berks is the founder and creative director of MINNA, a queer-led business championing ethically made home goods rooted in traditional craft techniques. She is based in Hudson, New York, but also works in Mexico and Peru where she collaborates with master artisans.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

At DecorMatters, we recognize that conscious consumers want to know about the sources, stories, and history of the objects in their homes. Perhaps you are searching for furniture from a company that pays its workers a living wage? Or exploring BIPOC designers who source their throws or handmade pillowcases from ethically made fabrics? If this suits you to a tee, follow Berks’ work this year.

Giselle Loor-Sugerman

On her B&J Design website, Loor-Sugerman released a 3-part series called “We Are Decor at Home.” She revealed how she had re-adjusted her own house during the lockdown and shared top tips on how to stimulate comfort and warmth. We adore Loor-Sugerman’s vision: that a home “should be a sanctuary or a retreat” with a tub in the bathroom, outdoor areas, and home theatres, among other luxuries.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

Regarding color, she believes in classics, not trends, and that “form follows function.” Therefore, she’s one to watch out for if you like simplicity, sophistication, and have a family. For her, interior design should be able to evolve with families and be inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Andre Jordan Hilton

Jordan Hilton is one of Atlanta’s leading designers who was named ‘Designer of the Month’ at Black Interior Designers Network. He has an indisputable talent for assessing each client and tailoring rooms to them, showcasing their brightest form. The decor must echo the kind of person his client is, show them off, and also be fully functional.

Blog Post Image
Blog Post Image

He uses “heavy textures and quiet layers” and refers to rooms as cities; “I want my clients to be eager to touch, sit, feel, see, and enjoy everything around them, just as though they would in their city of choice.”

For interior design enthusiasts, keep an eye on these designers’ brands and blogs for new and upcoming trends, and even hand-selected, designer-approved gift guides!

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