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3 Tips for Inviting Mother Nature Into Your Home This Spring

by DecorMatters|Apr 21, 2022

If there's one woman who knows a thing or two about design, it's Mother Nature. One step outside, and it's abundantly clear that she knows which colors contrast perfectly together. Her work even triggers us to feel emotive reactions in response. We've spent centuries basing our home interiors on her art and utilizing elements to bring inside.

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📸: @hoppshouse

Nancy Hooff, of Carter Kay Interiors, an Atlanta-based design firm, says: "We find that by keeping a room wrapped in quiet earth tones, the rich natural colors of Mother Nature, right outside the window, are allowed to be more visible and more pronounced than if they are fighting stronger colors used on interiors."

So, if you're ever in a color funk, we recommend the first thing you should do is get out of the house and take a long walk outside. Witness what's strung together in the world around you. Depending on the season, you could witness soft, green grass contrasting with warm, brown soil or various shades of orange from fallen leaves

With earthy tones all the rage this spring, here are a few tips on how to bring the outside in.

Opt For Natural Materials Straight Straight From Your Local Walk

Long before artificial materials, we only utilized the natural sources around us. Bowls, plates, and mugs were made from clay, and decor was made with terracotta, bringing warm, earthy elements into our home.

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📸: @tatiana_home_decor

On top of instantly creating a natural aesthetic throughout your home, hardwood floors can help ground us without even stepping foot outside. This helps cultivate a calmer and present state of mind with every step – it’s proven that being grounded by walking on natural materials can improve your overall mood.

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📸: @smnstr_

If changing your flooring or kitchen crockery sounds like quite a jump, start by turning to wood or wicker accessories in simple places like your living room, or upon a mantlepiece, to add light changes to the decor in your home.

What on Earth Is Better Than a Couple of Green Leafy Plants?

House plants are the quintessential ideology of bringing the outside in. A punch of real life, breathing greenery will liven up any room. For example, lavender and chamomile bring a breath of fresh air and their gorgeous smells dispel any stress and liven up any room.

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📸: @shellsloft

Even if you are the resident plant killer in your home, don't jump straight to plastic plants as they can look cheap and even negatively affect Mother Nature herself. Hanging ferns or English Ivy are affordable, low-maintenance greenery that we would recommend you start with if you’re new to taking care of house plants.

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📸: @hothouse.jungle

Alternatively, you can make a Sunday morning visit to your local farmers market, find some bright daffodils or tulips, and place them in a vase on your table or mantlepiece to add a freshness to your home.

Choosing the Right Color Palette When Lifting the Paint Brush

If you pick earth-like tones for your walls, your house will almost immediately become reminiscent of the outdoors as these design elements have an all-encompassing nature.

Utilizing warm colors like burnt orange, for example, can bring a grounding and calming feeling to your space. It sits nicely against beige and terracotta furniture or accessories, thus mimicking the style of a warm and intimate retreat.

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📸: @lonefoxhome

Picking a beige wall paint with grey undertones can make an incredible accent wall backdrop without being too overpowering.

Studies show that our time outdoors reduces anxiety drastically; bringing the outside in can deepen our connection to nature and ground us in the comfort of our own space. Emulating the same chemical responses in our brains that we feel out in the wild creates a more natural ambiance.

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📸: @decormattersapp

If you’re someone who struggles when venturing out of your comfort zone with new color palettes, we’d recommend using our augmented reality design app. That way, you’ll see how your new earthy vibes fit together before spending.

For more tips on creating the perfect home decor for this spring, hop on over to DecorMatters.

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