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Ideas & Inspiration

2019 Baby Nursery Room Ideas and Inspiration

by DecorMatters|Jun 24, 2019

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s necessary to plan ahead to make sure that you and your home are prepared for the little one’s arrival. One of the more enjoyable opportunities is to plan the design and layout of your baby’s nursery. Before locking down the design, you want to make sure that you have the essentials to create a space where your new baby will feel safe, warm, loved, and nurtured. You want to prioritize a space where you can comfortably care for your newborn with all the right necessities easily accessible around you. We’ve gathered some nursery room ideas and inspiration to help you figure out what items are practical and worth buying and give you a peek at some of our favorite nursery designs!

(Design by @athomewithjenna)

(Design by @halfway_wholeistic)

(Design by @kimandco_)

Crib or bassinet

Evidently, a newborn will spend most of his/her time in a crib or bassinet, so a good and safe one is important to invest in. Since the sleeping spot is typically the focal point of a nursery, the style of the crib or bassinet you choose should be as simple or elaborate as your baby nursery room ideas desire. With the variety of styles and price ranges to choose from, the first factor to consider should be if the crib or bassinet is sturdy and made of quality materials. You want to feel secure knowing that your newborn will be safe in the spot that they’ll be resting the most.

(Design by @amynicolephoto)

(Design by @coisinhasbacanas)


Shopping for bedding is an enjoyable step of the decorating process and you should shop first for comfort, then for style. As per usual with baby items, there are a lot of options to choose from that can get overwhelming. When it comes to mattresses alone, there’s organic, foam, and waterproof options. The term ‘bedding’ can include even more options, such as crib sheets, bumper pads, pillows, blankets, and crib skirts. It’s easier to narrow down options that you feel are best for your child and your lifestyle. There are plenty of great mattresses and sheets that can fulfill multiple of the categories we listed above in one. Once you’ve decided on your bedding and gone through your baby nursery inspiration photos, the fun part of choosing simple or bold patterns mixed with adorable pillows begins. This is the perfect opportunity to add subtle personality to your space because as we stated before, the sleeping spot is usually the focal point of the room.

(Design by @oilostudio)

(Design by @harraday_)

(Design by @melissajill)

Nursing chair or glider

A comfortable nursing chair or glider is a baby nursery essential because it allows you to rest and feed your baby in a cozy spot. Ideally, the chair or glider would have the option to lean, rock, swivel, and put your feet up because you’ll appreciate and want the different positions once you’re hoping for rest from adjusting to the routine and preferences of your new little one. The rocking motion is also helpful in soothing the baby to sleep. As you’ll be feeding quite often, it’s important to find a comfortable chair that you can sit in for long periods of time and that suits all your relaxing and breastfeeding needs. It’s also a great spot to take a quick nap while staying close to your baby.

(Design by @theyesmummum)

(Design by @katyroseprichard)


From burps to little accidents, babies can often go through a fashion show’s worth of clothing each day, making an organized dresser a must-have piece of furniture to include when thinking about your baby nursery room ideas. The dresser should be able to hold a significant amount of clothes, bibs, socks, burp cloths, mittens, hats, etc. that the baby will most definitely need and go through fairly quickly. The best part about having a dresser in the nursery is that you can also convert it into a changing table, which is another baby nursery essential. Simply purchase and place a changing pad kit on the top of the dresser and you’ve created a changing station that takes up less space and saves you money.

(Design by @nynneetliloujos)

(Design by @mrslittle_sunshine)

Storage baskets

You may find your diapers, clothing, and toys piling up fast when caring for a baby, so finding storage space is essential to keeping things organized and stress-free. You may find that baskets are in many of your favorite baby nursery room inspiration photos as they are the perfect way to conceal storage and add a decorative element to your space. They can hold extra blankets, burp cloths, and toys and also be easily moved to various areas of the room as you need them to. For example, placing a basket full of blankets by the crib, burp cloths by the nursing chair or glider, and toys within close reach for the baby by the play area, will help make your nursery room design as efficient as possible.

(Design by @natalie_massie)

(Design by @nanettekatherinephoto)

Clothes hamper

As we’ve mentioned before, babies go through clothing fast and when you’re busy changing them, you don’t want to have to think about where you can place the dirty clothes around you without getting stains or a mess elsewhere. A clothes hamper near the dresser and changing table will make things a lot simpler and less stressful as it helps contain the dirty items to one designated area until you’re free to deal with it.

There are few things more exciting in life than welcoming a new member to your family! We hope that our baby nursery room ideas and inspiration will help you decorate with ease. Our free DecorMatters app can take even more stress away by helping you design your actual space with the help of Augmented Reality and ARKit measure, which allows you to scale 3D furniture with real dimensions to virtually design a space that you can actually bring to life. See your baby’s future nursery fully decorated before purchasing anything!

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