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What Is My Interior Design Style? 14 Popular Options

by Rose Morrison|May 19, 2023
Find your unique interior design style

Your interior design preferences are yours, though many personal styles share enough similarities to be part of a category. Understanding your favorite look can help you easily search for furniture and decor that match your aesthetic.

If you are unsure how to design your home, learning about the different styles can inspire you. Here are 14 of the most popular interior design looks.

1. Modern

midcentury modern interior design kitchen with large plant

Photo by EyeSwoon

Modern interior design evolves with each decade and contains items that have risen in popularity within the past several years. Modern homes often fall under one of two categories: midcentury modern or contemporary.

Midcentury modern homes have muted colors and shapes. They focus on a combination of natural and synthetic textures.

Contemporary focuses on current trends and doesn’t have much texture. Clean lines and a focus on sophistication are staples of the design.

2. Traditional

traditional interior design style

This style includes historic and timeless pieces. Most often, it takes inspiration from homes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Symmetry and elegance are essential in traditional design, emphasizing harmony in each room.

Rich colors and fine details come from Victorian homes, and the style is just as much about architecture as decor. Wainscoting and crown molding are common features throughout these houses.

3. Transitional

transitional interior design style

A transitional design contains elements of modern and traditional styles, focusing on neutral walls with more standard furniture options.

Pops of color are common, with wood floors and furniture throughout the home. Texture is another essential element for this design style, adding dimension to walls and furniture.

4. Rustic

rustic interior design style

Rustic design evolved from the Romantic Movement and focuses on using natural materials with some industrial touches.

These homes are all about simplicity and embracing the beauty nature offers. Main rooms throughout the home typically have focal points that ground each area, such as a mirror or fireplace.

5. Maximalism

maximalism interior design style

Maximalism is not the same thing as clutter. It's all about strategically layering colors and textures to create a bold, aesthetically pleasing home.

These rooms often feel larger than life, with guests always finding something new to look at. However, they are not so overwhelming that you cannot hold a meaningful conversation in them. The floors remain clear in most maximalist designs. Walls and shelves serve as canvases to display photos, antiques and other decor items.

Practice makes perfect with maximalist design. Homeowners often use a color or theme that ties a room together, keeping it fun and not overwhelming.

6. Minimalism

minimalism interior design style

While maximalism enjoys having more, minimalism is all about less. Minimalist rooms breathe easier than other designs. Simplicity with smart and practical features is key to implementing this design style.

These homes are bright and clean, with a neutral color palette and simple designs. It's common for minimalist houses to have a pop of color here and there, but they're often not a major priority.

Minimalism could be a great interior design option for people who get stressed with clutter around.

7. Industrial

industrial style interior design loft

If a home has good bones, why not show them? That is the philosophy of industrial design lovers.

The style originated during the Industrial Revolution and took inspiration from factories' exposed brick and ductwork. Many modern industrial homes and apartments originated from these older buildings.

Metals, brick, wood and utilitarian decor complement the open spaces found in many industrial homes. This gives the house a large feel, with room to converse and create.

8. Eclectic

eclectic interior design style with personality

Photo by Agi Raw

Think of eclecticism as a toned-down form of maximalism. The style focuses on carefully selecting items to create an interior rich in culture.

Despite what some may think, there are limits to what you can do with eclectic design to keep it from overwhelming you and your guests. Many homes with this style feature a neutral palette with a few accent colors per room.

Eclectic style has a balance of color, texture, and old and new items, making interesting and enjoyable spaces.

9. Naturalism

naturalism interior design style

Photo by Shelley Bates

Naturalism has been around for centuries, though people from the past probably didn't realize it was interior design. This method focuses on bringing the outdoors into the home through natural elements and organic fabrics.

Modern naturalism focuses on appreciating all nature has to offer by honoring the imperfect shapes and textures found in a forest or along a beach.

This style is one of the most sustainable options and is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors.

10. Art Deco

art deco home design style

Art deco can be hard to describe, but you often know it the instant you see it. The design originated in the 1920s and has distinctive features.

Ultra plush fabric, rounded furniture, brass accents and jewel-toned walls play a part in this fun interior design option. Patterns are also a must, with chevrons and sunbursts remaining popular options.

The style does change from time to time. Symmetry used to be a focus of art deco, but the look now features asymmetrical curves that mimic waves.

11. Coastal

coastal beach home decorating style

Photo by Pure Salt Interiors

Coastal interior design is for anyone who loves the beach and wishes they could be there all year. It is also popular in neighborhoods near the ocean, with homeowners wanting to pay tribute to the sun, sand, and sea.

Like naturalism, coastal interior design incorporates elements from nature and shows appreciation for what it offers. The beach is reflected in each room's materials' colors and decor items. The homes often have a neutral base with beige colors to mimic the sand. Blue is also a common wall and accessory color, representing the sea.

Bright and breathable is the main focus of coastal design, with sheer curtains and organic fabrics.

12. Southwestern

southwestern interior decorating style

Southwestern is a continually evolving interior design style. It pays tribute to the home designs that originated in American deserts.

The style takes inspiration from Spanish textiles, adobe homes and the environment of the Southwest. The houses often have color palettes not seen in other design styles. Cactus green, clay and rust are staples of a Southwestern-style home.

Furniture in these homes often has a strong presence, with thick frames and lots of texture. It is common to find leather and suede upholstery throughout.

13. Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam home design style

Hollywood glam takes inspiration from the Golden Age of film. Its popularity grew in California during the mid-1900s and spread throughout the country.

This style is a combination of midcentury modern and art deco. The homes are about making a statement, often featuring high-contrast colors throughout. High-gloss finishes on floors and furniture give these houses a dazzling effect, and large glass or crystal chandeliers are design staples.

It is glamorous and sophisticated, making it great for anyone who wants their home to feel luxurious.

14. Shabby Chic

shabby chic and vintage interior design style

Vintage styles are the key to a shabby chic home. The look originated in the 1700s and transformed to pay homage to houses of the past.

It is not uncommon to find shabby chic homes filled with decor handed down over generations, creating a house full of stories from different decades. The style is very soft, with some designers describing it as feminine.

Shabby chic homes are meaningful but have a relaxed style overall.

Finding Your Interior Design Style

Knowing your interior design style is a great way to find items, improve your aesthetic and plan future changes. Your residence will truly reflect your aesthetic and feel like home.

And with the DecorMatters app by your side, the journey becomes an exhilarating adventure! Dive into the fun design games that cater to all styles and rooms, immersing yourself in a virtual playground where you can transform your space with a few taps and experiment with an extensive collection of furniture items in various colors, sizes, and trendy patterns. The best part? It's completely free! DecorMatters encourages creativity and expression, empowering you to create a home that truly reflects your personality. 

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