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Vintage Treasures & Cozy Vibes: A Tour of Lisa Loves Vintage's Outdoor Garden

by DecorMatters|Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to Lisa Loves Vintage's outdoor garden, where vintage treasures and cozy vibes intertwine. Lisa Piddington, the creative mastermind behind this enchanting space, opens the door to her home that has enamored over 110,000 Instagram followers. As an esteemed interior Instagrammer, stylist, and dedicated vintage collector, Lisa gives expert insights on sourcing, furnishing, and decorating your home.

Prepare to discover the eclectic wonders and timeless beauty that awaits within her delightful garden—a haven that has garnered recognition in prestigious publications such as Period Homes, The Sunday Telegraph, Buzzfeed, and more.

Could You Describe Your Outdoor Space?

vintage eclectic outdoor space

📸 Lisa Piddington 

'Well, it’s very eclectic and a bit ramshackle – like most things in my house, it’s about make-do and mend – but it’s full of frippery, as I like to call it, and it’s very me. Typically of a Victorian terrace, I have a long and thin garden, and I’ll admit the bottom half is very overgrown, so I tend to ignore that bit. The pergola area is my favourite spot – it’s where I enjoy my morning coffee and Prosecco nights with friends. I also love the side return – my house still has all its original windows, and the huge bay in the kitchen looks over all the greenery and flowers along the borders.'

What is Your Garden Style?

Vintage outdoor seating 

📸 Lisa Piddington 

'My home is filled with vintage treasures, so it follows that my garden is too. Bits of old china, vintage tins, foxed mirrors, floral barkcloth cushions, bamboo occasional tables…there’s even a coloured glass chandelier (yes, really!). I dress the walls just as I do the rooms inside, using shelving, pottery, and hanging plants for interest.'

What's the Furniture Like?

'I bought my garden seating from George at Asda a few years ago. I wanted something that was true to my style, and I wasn’t keen on block corner units with grey cushions. This set just matched perfectly, it was great value, and I love the high-back rattan design, it’s very Raffles Hotel! It did come with grey cushions, but I use my own collection of vintage florals and Moroccan textiles to add layers and create a relaxing and comfy area.'

What Plants Do You Have in Your Outdoor Space?

outdoor garden for a vintage space

📸 Lisa Piddington 

'Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know about my wisteria, which, for some reason, blooms about a month after everyone else’s. It’s about 20 years old, so I had to wait a few years before it started showing its colours, but it was certainly worth it. It now covers the pergola completely, providing shade on warm, sunny days. I have the original blue brick path by my side return, and the borders here are filled with lots of my favourite plants. There’s a huge Solanum, cordylines, and roses, as well as cottage garden flowers like Geum, geraniums, a climbing hydrangea, and the slowest-growing lilac in the world.'

How Would You Describe the Overall Feel of Your Garden Space?

'I’d like to think it’s really cosy. I want people to feel comfortable when they’re here and that it’s ok to put their feet up. One of the great things about vintage is the fact it’s not pretentious, so I hope that adds to the relaxed feel. I’m a great lover of colour, too, and like to mix and match a whole rainbow palette when I’m styling. I always get asked what I do with everything when it rains. I’ve mastered the art of quickly chucking all the cushions and throws into my outhouse!'

What About Lighting?

lighting for a vintage outdoor space

📸 Lisa Piddington 

'Lighting is really important to create a space that can be used well into the evening. I have solar-powered string bulbs, Moroccan lanterns, and lots of candles. I don’t have electric lighting outside as it would be too bright for me, I much prefer a cosy glow, and I create this by layering my light sources and grouping lanterns together.'

What Are Your Top Tips for Sourcing and Choosing Vintage Finds for Outdoor Spaces?

'The thing about collecting vintage is that it develops over time. It’s not something you can walk into a shop and buy the look in one go. I’ve been collecting vintage pieces for my home for more than 30 years, so I do have an inordinate amount of accessories. My advice would always buy things that resonate with you, and don’t be afraid to mix and match trends for a more eclectic look.'

Where Do You Go to Find Them?

vintage pieces and furniture for outdoor decor

📸 Lisa Piddington 

'I’m a skip-diver, a car boot trawler, a charity shop lover, and a flea market regular…so basically, I pick up pieces from all over the place. Facebook Marketplace is an Aladdin’s Cave, and my advice would be to make sure you’re checking on a regular basis so you don’t miss out.'

As our tour of Lisa Loves Vintage's outdoor garden comes to a close, we hope her expert tips and enchanting space have ignited a spark of creativity within you. Stay connected and inspired by following Lisa on social media and exploring her website for more design inspiration.

And now, bring your backyard visions to life and download the DecorMatters app! With its array of features and tools, you'll have everything you need to curate your dream backyard, filling it with personal vintage treasures and unique items that reflect your individuality. Unleash your imagination and transform your outdoor space into a haven of vintage charm and cozy vibes!

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