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Summer Style 2020: How to Make Your Home Feel Fresher

by DecorMatters|Jun 16, 2020

Summer is quickly approaching and that means having all windows open, spending long evenings on the patio or balcony, and having plenty of warm sunshine fill your home. While the season is many people's favorite time of year, the heat can sometimes make it difficult to keep your home feeling fresh. Luckily, there are a few simple design changes that give your place a crisp, new feel, as well as stay on-trend.

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Not to mention, with lockdown set to last for the foreseeable future, a little redecoration is perfect to keep you creative and inspired. Here's how to make your home feel fresher in summer 2020.

Going au naturel

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📷 Aubrey

During the hottest weeks, embrace all things natural. Materials like wood, bamboo, cotton, hemp, wool, and silk are super sleek and look great in sun-filled spots. These textures 'breathe' more easily in confined spaces, so fresh air can circulate better where they're used. Another plus is that natural materials bring a sense of the outdoors into your home, so you can enjoy a little nature whilst in quarantine.

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📷 Ania

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📷 Anh

When choosing your fabrics and textures, opt for neutral colors like whites, pastels, and light tones - these will complement the earthy vibes. Add some plants into the mix too - these sit nicely against nude tones, plus are proven to oxygenate the air for an extra fresh feeling.

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📷 Dee Campling

In terms of furniture, place items like sofas and chairs near to windows and doorways so as to maximize the natural light around them. Then, come the evening, soften any harsh artificial lighting in the room with lamps or tealights.

The nautical vision

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📷 Megan

For people who want beach house decor, nautical is timeless so long as it's done right and sparingly. Grays, blues, and whites go great together, so don’t hesitate to purchase block-color pieces to place in the living room. Don't be afraid to invest in a statement item like a striped rug to draw the space in either.

Rope can also be a surprisingly cool decorative element - try framing it above the mantelpiece, intertwining it around chair arms, or running it along bookcase shelves. Elsewhere, distressed or cracked wood can be a nod to the shipwreck theme and is very fashionable at the moment. If you're good with DIY projects, what about a chic table to hold your summer drinks?

Over by the balcony entry or patio doors, you can separate the walkways from the seating area with long, flowing linen curtains. These are relatively cheap to buy and install and do wonders for blocking intense sunlight (not to mention they resemble ship sails in the wind!)

A floral feeling

A more energetic option is to mix contrasting floral patterns in your home. Hang a painting of a bouquet above a printed floral sofa, and dot bunches of real flowers around the room. If your furniture is plain, add some excitement with busy, floral cushions and throws. The contrast will create a burst of summer throughout the space.

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📷 thespallers

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📷 Courtney

In the kitchen, splash out on yellow, orange, and green crockery that can be seen in the cupboards or used as decorative serving bowls on the side. In the bathroom, jazz up the walls with tropical-flowered wallpaper (a statement wall is always cool) and place small plants next to the basin or on the windowsills.

A floral theme builds a brightness and playfulness in your house and is best suited to families with young kids or those with a strong artistic flair.

Although a staycation may be your only getaway plan this year, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of summer from your home. Bring the shoreline to your doorstep with these seasonal interior design ideas and prepare for the most stylish summer yet.

Looking to try out some of these tips in your home this summer? You can visualize them in the DecorMatters app, as well as buy furniture and browse unlimited room inspirations from home decor stylists and experts.

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