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Simple Touches to Make Your Home Extra Cozy for Fall

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 19, 2022

It's not surprising that fall is America's favorite season, with 29 percent of Americans saying they prefer an autumnal climate to other ones. Now, as we prepare for the weather to turn colder, everyone is spending more time indoors and searching for interior design choices that offer comforting shelter from the briskness outside.

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📷 Sara

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📷 Ashley Petrone

Despite longer nights and falling leaves filling the streets, fall doesn't have to be a bleak time. Here are a few simple touches to make your home extra cozy for the next few months:

Crisp Color Combinations

The famous color palette for fall is vibrant ambers, reds, and yellows, which coincidentally can establish a perfect interior glow for your home. Accentuate these colors with gold, especially on the rim of furniture and decorative items to give a decadent finish to lounge spaces. In the kitchen, opt for brass pieces, chocolate brown plates, and yellow mugs that complement the brighter autumnal tones.

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📷 Anita Yokota

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📷 Valeria Jacobs

Green and browns project an earthiness in rooms, but why not try a deep blue-green tone for an accent wall that makes small nooks feel cocooned? You could also opt for art that has black backgrounds and delicate sketches - these give your space more depth and aren't overwhelming.

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📷 Brianne Penney

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📷 Tatiana

Fall is all about layering - similar to how you'd pile on the layers to stay warm outside, a multitude of textures give a room personality. Natural materials are ideal for this, things like wood, silk, cotton, and bamboo can be paired with jewel colors for a cool, clashing effect. You can also mix black and white elements, casual and sophisticated pieces, and hard and soft textiles. For a less obvious form of layering, use matte paint to give plant pots, bowls, and other crockery a quick update, while looking chic against traditional fall colors.

Rich & Rustic

A classic interior design trick in fall is to dot pumpkins or gourds around the house, such as around a fireplace or on a windowsill. Just remember to replace them if they're real, and not to carve a face on them, so to avoid appearing too Halloween-esque. Apples are good too, and can be combined with dried leaves, cinnamon sticks, and candles to make festive table displays and centerpieces. To complete the look, tie the elements of the room together with a hanging wreath.

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📷 Rachel

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📷 Erika

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📷 Courtney Inkpen

If you prefer something more subtle, go bohemian with chunky knits and plaid patterns for throws and cushions. This type of contrast harkens back to the 70s and has a feeling of nostalgia that many people experience in fall. Woven baskets fit nicely in this design and can emphasize the 'layering' concept, as well as are a sneaky way to add extra storage in a space. Don't forget an ottoman either - it's necessary to keep your feet off cold floors in fall, and a wood-based one with a gray faux fur throw is heavenly for chilly toes.

Autumnal Outdoor Spots

Is there anything cozier in fall than a roaring fire? Invest in an outdoor fire pit, along with a set of chairs to spend long evenings watching the embers dance. Be sure to keep plenty of blankets and firewood nearby too; in fact, even if you don't have a fire pit, stacked firewood gives a rustic sensation to suburban gardens.

Acapulco chairs are especially fashionable right now, as they are effortlessly trendy but don't sacrifice any comfort. An outdoor rug is just as popular and a bit of a statement. Choose a patterned rug that'll make your outdoor patch richer and bolder - there are even weather-proof rug options.

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📷 Danielle Louise

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📷 Alexandra Winzer

Of course, lighting is just as important in your outside haven as it is inside. Position a mix of lamps, fairy lights, and heaters with soft glowing light to complete your patch with a snug, intimate aesthetic. Afterward, simply sit back and relax with a hot chocolate or warm apple cider.

Interior design in fall is comparable to the Scandinavian lifestyle: tranquil, sleek, and modern with software textures, natural materials, and organic shapes. Although the description may sound expensive, you don't have to do a major overhaul to apply a fall-specific theme to your home. Fall is all about nature and DIY, and because fall decor ideas add warmth and elevate a space, it's a worthy, timeless investment.

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