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How to Make Your Home Reflect Summer All Year Round

by DecorMatters|Sep 02, 2021

A chill wintry wind is slowly replacing the comforting whiff of evening breeze after a hot day. The days are getting shorter, and the same sunsets that we're giving you ease during the summer months are now bringing shivers, making you search for that cozy blanket at the back of the wardrobe.

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Do you feel like stopping time, turning your home into a continuous summer paradise? Unleash your creativity and allow yourself to think outside the box. Craft your personal all-year-round summer interior and be amazed by the outcome!

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Sky's The Limit

There’s no easier way to brighten and freshen up your interior design than through color changes. But how to choose and implement them in a way that the make-over you’re longing for will be visible enough to cause excitement but gentle enough for you to still feel the well-known coziness of your home?

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Going for neutral colors will bring both luxurious, sophisticated awakening and calming arousal of tenderness and ease. Consider placing potbelly baskets of different sizes to fill up an empty corner with extra storage space or hang a macrame over your bed frame – combining those two will add both aesthetic and practical value.

Overall, a well-kept balance between a gentle touch of ivory sands and the deep blow of cerulean watercolors will transform your interior into a peaceful sanctuary of everlasting summer.

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But apart from beige tones, if you feel like illuminating your area with an energized splash of pop-out colors – be bold. Summer is undeniably tied to bright colors, so fresh up your space by choosing pieces that accentuate that "wow effect.” It can be anything, from painting chair legs, window frames to customizing tableware or placing your own artistic creation on the wall. Make them stand out and set your personal touch, transforming your ideas into a unique interior design fingerprint.

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Beautiful Inside-out

Summer to many of us means walking barefoot on the grass, being around nature, feeling the gentle sound of rustling leaves. So, how can you replicate these wonderful sensations even when you're inside – and the weather outside is gloomy? Fill your space with natural, mood-soothing materials that will arouse memories of summertime best moments. Breathe in a warm and calming feeling by incorporating natural fibers, wood, and brass in your interior design.

To make sure that besides the electrifying stroke of summer, you also maintain its pure nature, think about adopting the “no-fuss decor” rule. Surround yourself with the clean and spacious surface of your daily oasis, and remember that sometimes less is more.

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Consider everyday objects as pieces of art. Incorporate them into your interior design as decorous touches – hang your straw hats on the wall or use your beach bag as an extra storage space. You can also bring in a wooden lattice fence to place flowers on in the way your imagination guides you! The wilderness of nature is based on diversity. Experimenting with various textures and materials at home will bring you closer to the vivid wonders of the outdoors.

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A Sun-kissed Touch

The first core rule of widening the space is simple – incorporate more mirrors. Adopting them into your interior design will help you spread the light throughout the corners of your home, evoking summer, the season that sees most sunlight.

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Pour the light in by using natural fiber curtains, such as cotton or linen. Alternatively, choose sheer curtains and combine them with thick heavy blackout ones as a layer above them. It’ll fill up the room with a soft, tender glow but maintain the restful sense of privacy.

Does waking up to sunrise without leaving your bed sound too good to be true? Treat yourself with dim-light dawn simulation clocks. They can boost your morning energy levels and improve your well-being, something sorely needed during the COVID-19 pandemic and its mood-affecting consequences.

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All of the strategies mentioned above will optically widen and open up your space – experience summer through all your senses. See, feel, and absorb the warmest months of the year through combined colors, textures, and materials, creating an unforgettable unified experience.

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