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How to Update Your Student Digs and College Dorm Room

by Paul Harrison|Sep 16, 2021
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Here’s one for you students out there... A lovely little post on How To Update Your Student Digs:

Whether it’s your student digs you’ve been in for about a month now or it’s someone else’s that you really want to get your hands on and make it a little more homely, there are plenty of things you can do to transform them into something unique, something homely, and something showing personality despite the size and restrictions.

If you’ve taken too much stuff to college and want to declutter then look into student storage options in places so that your place isn’t too messy and you only have the essentials. Here are a few tips on how to transform your digs into something you’ll love:

Let There Be Light

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Most student rooms don’t come with the best lighting options, so get your own. A standing lamp to light the room when the main light is too much could be a bright idea, then you could have a study lamp for your desk or bedside table, and one of the nicest things you can add to your room is fairy lights – they’re not just for Christmas trees and they’ll make your room look amazing.

Focus On The Floor

Again carpets in student accommodation are never the best quality, and god only knows what has been spilled on them over the years, so rugs and mats are a cheap and easy way to transform your space. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and patterns, plus, rugs provide extra insulation for your feet in the winter and extra seating for your mates too!

Plant Plants And Flowers

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Nothing makes a room look and smell nicer than plants and flowers. Dot them around but do remember to water them! You’ll get an instant burst of freshness that a can of air freshener just won’t beat. You can also find some really cool plant pots, or you can customize your own.

Decorate The Walls

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If there’s anything already on the walls, take it down, then it’s time to put your own stamp on things. Bunting is nice for the walls as it always looks pretty. Or you could go for photos of your friends and family hung on the wall using string and pegs or get them framed, a wall of mismatched frames can look awesome. PS, a huge tip is to use Command Strips to hang frames and prints, they’re perfect for Students and leave no mess when you are ready to move out!

Rearrange The Furniture

One of the things that make student accommodation feel characterless and similar is that all the rooms are often laid out in the same way. If your things aren’t nailed to the floor or walls, then see if you can rearrange your furniture, as it’s an instant way to make your room feel that little bit different from everyone else’s. It can also be a good way to give you more space – or at least feel like you have more space which is as good.

Make It Smell Nice

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If you’re not allowed candles in the digs, then get creative. Incense is a good option, although you might not be allowed that either. How about getting a diffuser instead? Or for a really quick fix, find a room spray that you love the smell of.

Invest in Nice Bedding and Towels

It’s worth paying a little more for nice bedding and fluffy towels because your room is cold or you’re trying to avoid having the heating on too much; you’ll want a thicker duvet to see you through the winter. Good towels can also make your small student room feel like a fancy hotel.

This article was written by Paul from Design & Beyond.

Meet The Author

Paul started Design & Beyond back in 2015 as an online space to share his University portfolio and over the years it changed from a portfolio to a blog and a shop.

Throughout the years, Paul has gained experience and learned a lot from the design world. He is passionate about all that he does so follow along on his journey to success!

Check out their Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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