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How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 20, 2022

Bathrooms only have three basic necessities: a sink, toilet, and a shower; but fitting three simple fixtures in a small bathroom can prove to be a difficult task. Take advantage of your limited space with clever planning, home hacks, and unique ways to trick the eye. Check out our creative home design tips on how to maximize space in a small bathroom and you may find that you no longer wish for a bigger one.

Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom

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Choose the Right Door To Maximize Space in A Small Bathroom

Pocket doors and sliding doors, which have grown in popularity especially in farmhouse interior design style homes this year, are creative bathroom ideas that will not interfere with your small bathroom layout as they always remain outside. If installing these door options are not possible, it is best to make sure your bathroom door swings out. You do not want your small bathroom design to have to include space for your door to open inward or have it bump into a fixture, such as your toilet, every time it opens.

Design Ideas to help you maximize your small bathroom space

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A floating sink can maximize space in a small bathroom

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Choose the Right Sink To Fit Your Small Bathroom

If you have alternative storage space or a linen closet, use it to simplify your bathroom storage needs. A pedestal sink maximizes space in a small bathroom, especially when placed in the corner, because of its slim stand rather than the sink resting on a large vanity cabinet. A creative small bathroom idea is to use a wall-mounted vanity and sink. Not only does it add a unique and beautiful touch to your small bathroom design, but it opens up a great amount of floor space that then, makes your small bathroom look and feel much larger.

Use Glass To Give The Appearance of More Space in a Small Bathroom

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Using Glass Is A Good Design Idea For A Small Bathroom

Glass is an amazing solution to creating the illusion of a brighter and bigger space to maximize a small bathroom design. Shower curtains and frosted-glass shower doors cut off the shower area from becoming a part of the entire room. With glass doors, the shower area blends in with the rest of the bathroom and gives the appearance of more space. However, the exception of clear shower curtains that let the light in can be beneficial for those looking for small bathroom ideas on a budget.

Use natural light to make a small bathroom feel bigger

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Natural Light Can Make Your Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

Natural lighting is free and the easiest way to open up a small space. If you cannot install a large window, opening up the curtains and blinds during the day is all you need to create an open and airy feel. Additionally, skylights are another great option to let the sun in for those with lower window treatments who cannot leave their windows open during the day.

Using mirrors is a great idea to make small bathrooms feel bigger

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Ideas on how to maximize space in a small bathroom

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Mirrors Can Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Along with natural lighting, mirrors are one of the easiest, yet most impactful small bathroom ideas that make a huge difference in a cramped room. The reflective surfaces of mirrors open up a tight space, so the larger the mirror, the better. Consider having more than one mirror, including small ones for makeup or decor or a tall one behind the door. This way, the light can bounce off of mirrors in different areas of your bathroom and make it appear larger.

Mirrors are a great idea for small bathrooms
Design idea for a small bathroom

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Maximize space in a small bathroom with decorative storage
Design ideas to help maximize space in a small bathroom

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Create Decorative Storage Can Help Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

The simplest details make a big difference. One of the first ideas for small bathroom decorating is to consider stacking shelves. Shelves are an affordable way to create storage where there once was none and add height to draw the eye vertically to make a room feel bigger. A storage ladder or a simple over-the-toilet shelf are fun decorative storage ideas that do not protrude far from the wall, which makes them an ideal option for slim spaces.

Good organization is key in a small bathroom layout because a messy space breaks up the flow of your limited bathroom design. Gathering your essentials and placing them nicely on a simple tray or in a small decorative basket can make a big difference in creating a clean and organized space. If you do not have much vanity space around your sink, the top of the toilet is the perfect place to put your tray or small baskets. Remember how we said to use the linen closet if you have one? For those who do not, medium to large baskets are easy storage additions and look good as decoration. You can place rolled bath and hand towels in baskets below your sink or vanity or hang them above your toilet seat or on an empty wall.

Making the most of a small space may be difficult, but testing out our tips could not be any easier with our free bathroom design app. Experiment with various small bathroom designs and layouts to find design ideas for a small bathroom before purchasing any items! Browse our home design app for more ideas on how to maximize space in a small bathroom or any small room in your home for that matter. 

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