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How To Make Your Home Very Peri (Pantone’s 2022 Color)

by DecorMatters|Jan 13, 2022

It isn’t a term we just made up to define a new and upcoming trend, although it might sound like it. Very Peri is the name of the color chosen by the Pantone Color Institute as the hue for 2022. This purplish blue comes precisely at the right time for a year in which people have better adapted their expectations to live in the “new normal”. As we have learned, life is about making the necessary changes to get the most out of the circumstances, and that is what we’ll do.

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📸: @pantone

As they have done for the past 22 years, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the Color of the Year as a way to reflect on trends that define art and design in multiple formats. It also communicates the general feeling of people as they enter the new year ready for what is to come.

So, what is 2022’s, Very Peri? The tone officially classifies as a blue with violet-red undertones. It transmits a joyous spirit and a dynamic presence that invites creativity and expression during these strange times. It also takes inspiration from the prospective merge between the real and virtual worlds with the increasing adoption of the metaverse.

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📸: @smcbride

This year’s shade also presents an excellent opportunity for people to start incorporating the bold color trend that will mark 2022 and using this blue won’t be too hard with the following tips.

A Winning Combination

Every designer or aspiring interior designer knows that the first step to include bold colors in any environment is to create a color palette that tells a story. This tool allows you to coordinate different hues so that they don’t look disconnected from each other or clash when using multiple bold colors.

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📸: @jamiesterndesign

For Very Peri, the Pantone Color Institute prepared a helpful guide with multiple palettes that integrate 2022’s protagonist. Depending on the room’s purpose, these present a wide range of applications and can fit different moods and tastes. For example, Amusement offers a whimsical storyline, whereas The Star of the Show is a more subdued option.

Get Very Peri in Your House

Although a very calming color, this blue can seem intimidating for some people for its uniqueness and brightness. However, the good news is that there are many ways to bring it in. One of the most common is to create focal points in a room. You can achieve this by harmonizing all the elements in a neutral tone and deciding on a few pieces to add a pop of color to create a dynamic space. This could be a credenza, a side table, or a sofa.

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📸: @kayjayessgee

For the more daring, a riskier option is advisable. In this setting, painting an entire wall could go very well with furniture made from natural materials. Or simply drawing a big, bold shape –like a circle– on a blank wall can cause a visual break from an otherwise plain room. It’s all a matter of complementing different elements to achieve balance.

Now, to seize Very Peri’s potential to create an inspiring and creative environment, look for ways in which you could blend it in your office space or your work-from-home setup. Here, it’s better to do it in a subtle way as not to create big distractions from your main job. In this sense, desk items or a nice piece of wall art could be game-changing.

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📸: @metzybetzy

Finally, you can also try to establish a more intimate connection with Pantone’s color of the year by taking it into places like your bathroom. Similar shades of purple have long been considered to have a relaxing effect on people’s minds, and what better way to set the mood for a calming bath than to have this pastel hue surround you? You deserve it after these past two years.

If you want to learn more tips on interior design and follow all the latest trends, check out DecorMatters' blog and follow along.

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