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How to Elevate Your Space with Design and Decor: 21 Must-Do’s

by DecorMatters|Feb 12, 2021

Over the past year, many of us found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before. Being surrounded by the same four walls – whether that be in a condo in Miami or a townhouse in Seattle – may have you rethinking your interior design and considering a refresh on your home décor.

Whether you have a natural eye for interior design or you’re just beginning, reviving your home can be daunting for anyone. We’ve asked designers to share their go-to tips on how to elevate your space with design and décor. You’ll be able to easily enhance your home with confidence in no time.

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Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Start collecting and saving interior inspiration whenever you stumble across something you like. Tear out an image in a magazine or catalog, snap a photo of a window display that you’re drawn to when out and about – don’t think too hard about it. Once you have a good number of images collected, sort through them to pull out patterns that emerge – colors, shapes, textures – and use that as a guideline when considering what pieces to bring into your home. – Pistachio Designs

Incorporate Textiles From All Over the World

As we usher in the new year, we’re seeing more demand for products with a story – artisan-made, natural fibers, globally sourced products that reach beyond the price tag and actually impact lives. We’ve seen a rise in searches for “Indian living rooms”, in particular – the trend of incorporating South & South East Asian textiles with more minimal furniture pieces to create a unique and personal home environment. With travel and tourism at an all-time low, people want to bring inspiration from far away places into their living rooms. – The Artisen

Think of Your Room in Layers

Rooms have three layers. Your first layer should be your big furniture items and will likely be where you spend the most money. Your second layer should be your horizontal and vertical grounding items- i. e. your draperies and rugs. These pieces give the room texture and can make a room feel infinitely more finished. Your third layer is accessories- use these to show your personality and bring your room to life. – Collected For The Home

Take What Inspires You as Inspiration for Your Decor

Instead of following everyone else’s lead and jumping on the latest trend, pick something that inspires you and let that inspire your décor. Whether that’s a favorite place you’ve traveled to, a chic hotel you’ve stayed at, or simply a color you love, let your own personal style direct the overall look and feel of your home. – The Smitten Collective

Bring the Outdoors in

We love a look that exudes a natural, organic vibe. Our designs are inspired by bringing the outdoors in. We elevate our projects by incorporating our five favorite elements of reclaimed wood, rustic metal, reflecting glass, natural stone, and living plants – Tanna By Design

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Styles

My rule of thumb is to stick to the 80/20 rule. 80 percent should consist of your favorite style choice and 20 percent an additional accented style. My favorite combo boho is farmhouse. Tie it all in with a color palette of two to three colors and you’re golden. – The Farmhouse Life

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Fill Your Walls with Art and Photos

Nothing makes a house feel like home like filling your walls with framed art and photographs. Gallery walls are still a big trend and give you the opportunity to pick many different pieces from artists you like and personal snapshots. Minimal and natural styling are huge at the moment so think about incorporating some simple shapes and neutral tones. – Claire Heffer Design

Add Bold Colors to Give your Space Life

2020 was a year where people expressed their individuality through unique colors, which provide emotion and feeling to a room. Additionally, last year brought awareness of individual mental health and wellness, and the power of color therapy. With restrictions imposed regarding time spent outdoors, the goal is to bring as much life into your indoor space as possible in 2021. Color is an amazing and affordable way to do so. Some of our recommendations include pinks, faded oranges, or ocean blues to represent a tropical getaway, as well as greens to mirror nature’s elements. - Decor Matters

Choose Furniture That Doubles as Storage

A design element that is sometimes overlooked by homeowners is storage solutions. When decorating, try to choose furniture that can conceal all your stuff. For example, a media console with closed cabinets to hide electronics, a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table to house the kids’ toys, or a nightstand with drawers instead of an open shelf to hide personal belongings. – AK Designs

Home Design Begins with our Front Door

Your entrance sets the tone for your entire home and is the vehicle that invites in good energy, and hopefully soon to be post-Covid times, your friends and family. Make it stand out with a gorgeous door color like Benjamin Moore’s Million Dollar Red or Elderberry Wine. Invest in a durable, but stylish, welcome mat, and make sure that when you walk through the front door, your eyes fall on something you love – a gorgeous piece of art, a beautiful light fixture, or a console table with some of your favorite things. – The Meazured Life

Celebrate the World

Ethnic fabrics from around the world will brighten your home and can be used in many ways. Use colorful, handwoven textiles as a bed or table runner, across the back of a sofa, or as a wall hanging. Many of these articles have a story to tell about the culture from which they came in addition to being beautiful. – Batax Bule

Color is an Important Part of any Environment

Don’t be afraid of it. Use accessories and paint to define your space. It is the most cost-effective way for a room makeover. If you’re not in a position to buy new furniture, some beautiful pillows, pots, flowers, or a new lamp may be just the facelift your room needs. Play in your space. Move things around and experiment. It is your space, it should reflect you. For a calming effect, use soft colors and avoid clutter. – Casa Bonita Home

Tune into the Time of Year

Spring is fastly approaching and what’s our philosophy this season? Pastels and mixed wood finishes. Turn your precious home into a relaxing oasis with the season’s trendiest colors and stylish wood finishings. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own flair too, we encourage that sort of thing. We work around the clock researching décor trends to curate a collection that is both trendy and easily incorporated into your home. – Decocrated Curated Home

Look for Outdoor Rugs if You Have Pets

For homes with four-legged family members, we recommend outdoor rugs for indoor spaces where your furry friend might go oops! Outdoors rugs have become very stylish so you can find a design that fits your home décor. For the kitchen, we recommend washable rugs or vinyl rugs with fun designs. – Altered Decor

Feel an Emotional Connection with Your Space

When you enter a room, you should feel an emotional connection, not just a visual one. Take stock of what you already have on hand, and use your favorite pieces as your inspiration to create warm, inviting spaces that reflect your style and personality. Today’s decorating is all about casually mixing styles and textures, with color as the unifier. Painting is the simplest, most cost-effective way of transforming your walls, floors, and furniture. – Country Design Home

Create an Accent Wall that Goes Beyond Paint

By adding more substantial detailing like board and batten or 3d paneling you gain the interest needed to make all other walls jealous. While eye-catching walls can elevate your space, they should always match the overall architectural elements of your home. – CW Design & Decor

Choosing the Right Products and Colors are Key

Enhance your home with light fixtures and warm colors to create the perfect style and ambiance. With gold tones against soft and warm colors, this will leave a classy yet cozy feeling. People are now incorporating classic but modern kitchen & bath pieces – think your traditional Farmhouse style but reimagined, simple, and clean. – Million Décor Design

Less is More

White spaces can bring calmness and make design elements pop out more. – Urban Li’l

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Add Pieces That Fit Your Lifestyle but Also Match Your Style

I love mixing modern pieces with organic elements such as wood and greenery, for that timeless, effortless minimalist look that is on-trend right now. I suggest working around a neutral color palette for walls and big pieces of furniture since these two will serve as your blank canvas. Neutral colors have the ability to tie a space together and set the mood. You can add fun colors, texture, wallpaper, and home décor accents, without having to compromise to one final look or design style all year round. Make sure everything has a place and purpose at home. This applies to décor pieces, furniture, blankets, and so on. We tend to accumulate things that overtime make our spaces look cluttered and far less functional, affecting the flow and energy at home and ultimately, our productivity around it. – My Welli House Decor

Consider Geometry in Your Furniture Layouts

You don’t want every piece to be the same shape. Mix a rectangular rug with a round coffee table, an L-shaped sectional with a round chandelier. This keeps things visually interesting and will make your home feel cozier. – Susie Robb

Promote a Slower Lifestyle

Create unconventional, cozy, and mindful nooks that encourage you to have a slower type of living, like, a reading nook with plenty of cushions on the floor to lounge on. – Design Studio 210

Meet The Author

This article was contributed by Julia Weaver at Redfin. Head to the Redfin Blog for the latest housing news and advice.

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