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How to Design the Perfect Study Space at Home Without Breaking the Bank

by DecorMatters|Sep 15, 2022

Whether they are homeschooled, have virtual tutoring, or need a place to do homework, children require a good study space to thrive. 

A designated learning area could help kids focus more easily, as they would not have to go to another room to get their school supplies. Additionally, having proper furniture prevents fatigue from sitting too long and can help to improve a child’s posture.

neutral space, wood desk, gray cabinets

📸: @megleonardco

If you want to learn how you can boost your children's productivity and creativity by using the magic of home design, you have come to the right place. 

Here are our top tips for creating the perfect learning space for homeschooling and homeworking in the most affordable way. Let's get started!

Have Fresh Flowers in the Study Areas

When discussing how to decorate a homeschooling or homework environment, putting some flowers on their desks might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, in reality, plants and flowers can actually boost their brainpower and help them be more productive.

natural desk space, plants, 

📸: @saskiatabea

Take lilacs, for example. They provide a natural way to reduce worrying, as the smell helps to release beta-endorphins—the hormones that enable people to deal with stress. Getting rid of negative emotions will positively affect brain functions and boost your children's creativity and problem-solving skills.

There is no need to make an expensive purchase: You can easily transform your old mugs, jars, or plastic cups (for your children's safety) into creative vases. Or simply turn old shoes into fun flower pots. 

Need more ideas to upcycle old items to decorate homeschool rooms? 

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Let the Sunshine In

Do you know that our brilliant sunlight has physical and psychological benefits for students? According to a study, students who received high levels of natural light could score up to 18% higher in their exams than students receiving minimal natural light.

white desk, natural decor, pink wall

📸: @thishouse5000

The easiest way to maximize natural light in home study areas is to put a mirror opposite a window. If you think it will distract your kids, you can always design the rooms strategically. Let's say you have a TV unit or a large sofa in front of the window, try to reposition your furniture and place your children's desk there instead.

Painting the walls and the ceiling white is another great way of increasing natural light in your study areas if you have some extra cash lying around.

Discover more: Maximizing Natural Light in Your Home.

Keep the Learning Rooms Nice and Neat

Princeton University Neuroscience researchers discovered that a cluttered, messy home environment hinders the ability to concentrate. 

open space, white desk, cow print rug

📸: @cb2

We can all agree that students have too many learning tools and school supplies, meaning that if parents want to have a more optimal learning area, they need to keep everything nice and neat. Luckily, simple organizers can work wonders.

If you have enough room, utilize shelves and cabinets to keep textbooks and other school supplies in order. On top of that, these are fantastic ways to display your children's trophies, certificates, and artwork and let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments.

pink office, gallery wall, disco ball

📸: @homewithhelenandco

For smaller places, we recommend storage boxes that can fit under beds or closets easily. You can even take it to the next level and create multi-colored boxes for each subject. That way, children can find what they need faster.

Find out: 3 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Home's Visual Appeal.

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