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Decor Tips for Halloween Fanatics

by DecorMatters|Oct 28, 2021

Have you ever heard about Samhain? Probably not. But if you have, you’re aware of Halloween’s history.

Samhain occurs between October 31st and November 1st. It’s a Celtic tradition to welcome the harvest and usher in “the dark half of the year.” Celebrants believed that humans might communicate with denizens of the otherworld in this period. Also, spooky decorations were put out to ward off evil spirits. Offerings, or treats, were laid out to please these spirits from the other world and honor the beginning of harvest season.

Many years later, the church established All Souls’ Day, first celebrated on May 13th but then changed to November 2nd, with a similar celebration to Samhain - with bonfires, parades, and costumes. This day was also called All Hallows Day, and over time became known as Halloween. This fusion between Celtic Tradition and Christianity was the origin of the famous Halloween Day in America, and pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and sweets came up.

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But that's not all; with Halloween, many scary tales became popular, like the ones we can see in the horror movies, and rumor has it that they are actually true. For example, the Amityville house was where Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. murdered his family. When George and Kathy Lutz bought the house after this, they never imagined that they will experience paranormal phenomena there.

But despite its terrifying nature, many people enjoy this holiday and celebrate it by dressing up in costumes and showing off their costumed pets, even filling their homes with colors and mysterious elements.

But what can we do to commemorate this day with all the style and originality in our homes?

1. Explore colors beyond orange and black

Yeah, we love orange and black on Halloween, but regardless of this, they are not the only colors that fit with this festivity. You can explore terracotta colors in your cushions or other elements in the house. Or, as it is autumn, add the touch of a smooth transition using white, cream, silver, gold, and green.

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📸: @emmacroner

2. Light up the space with Candles

As the original Samhain tradition, fire is a significant symbol of this day, so candles are a must. If you want to be a bit eccentric, place black candles on your table. If you don’t use such a dark color, any color is more than welcome for your decorations, like an orange which means the harvest season is here, red which represents vampires, or purple, representing the supernatural and mystical. You even can use some with essence such as pumpkin spice to add your own twist to your place.

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📸: @goodhomesmag

3. Step up your pumpkins game

We can never have too many pumpkins as props on Halloween. Whether they’re on our driveway, our garden, or in several corners of our house, carving pumpkins have become an October tradition.

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📸: @thenationaldesignacademy

There are creative ways to make your pumpkin decoration stand out against those of your neighbors. For example, use a mix of geometric shapes, like circles or triangles, to carve or place stickers to make a face on your pumpkin. Add a subtle yet posh touch to your dinner table centerpiece with your favorite flower in a pumpkin vase, or decorate them with Halloween’s signature spooky styles such as bats, spiders, ghosts, or just abstract shapes.

4. Merge old and new with creativity

In 1920, Halloween was the scariest night of the year in the United States, but over time this changed. Now, you can go with a unique design to keep things creepy or just playful. Go to your front door, hang a geometric wreath, or add candlesticks with a black and white striped tablecloth. Play with colors, shapes, and scary characters such as witches and skeletons for that decorative style.

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📸: @affordableinteriordesign

5. Go all out

This is only one night in the year, don’t be afraid to let your imagination flow. Make a plan, look around for fun and creative items you would like to place in your home, purchase in advance, and enjoy the process.

If you’d like more decor tips, feel free to contact us.

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