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Halloween Decor Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

by DecorMatters|Oct 18, 2022

Getting into the spirit of spooky season doesn't mean giving up the audible ‘wows’ you get on your interior design style every time someone walks through your door. 

📸: @kirklands

Halloween tends to be a bit more ‘ghoul’ and a little less ‘glamour’ than we’d like to admit here at DecorMatters. So this year, we’ve ditched the plastic pumpkins and dollar tree cobwebs, and we’re swapping out the notoriously tacky decor for something a little more stylish. 

Here are our top tips on how to decorate your abode in a scarily stylish manner!

Channel Your Inner Goth 

Taxidermy is a hot trend right now, and if you don’t agree or feel comfortable with stuffed animals in your space, 'Mortimer' the faux crow, will add the ‘EEEE’ to the eeriness of your scary space. 

Dark, Gothic Decor 

📸: @ttrickorrtreatt

Tag team some black candlesticks and ivy for a hair-raising haunted house feeling. Rockett St George has a catalog of products with a gothic vibe if you're stuck on where to pick up some high-quality decorations.  

Craft a Creepy Centerpiece

Sometimes, centerpieces and fireplaces can be left behind in the holiday season as we tend to focus on spots in the room that is visually in line with our day-to-day activities. 

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Fireplace Decor

📸: @thriftydecorgal

You can dress up a space needing some attention by opting skull decorative piece rather than a standard vase to create a spooky floral display while keeping simplicity and class in mind. 

When shopping for flowers, opt for black dahlias for your antsy arrangement.

Jazz up a Pumpkin-Piece

There’s nothing better than getting into the DIY spirit throughout the holiday season, no matter the holiday! 

Invite your friends, throw the ‘Monster Mash’ on your Bluetooth speaker and host an arts and crafts evening! 

Pastel Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Fireplace Decor

📸: @giggleliving

I know we said no plastic pumpkins, but hear us out! You can pick up some paint in colors you already find throughout your home and paint those tacky plastic pumpkins you just loathed last year to create a classy pumpkin vibe! 

Include some decorative patterns to add a more modernistic approach to your display pieces. 

Throw Some Scary Artwork on the Walls

Eerie artwork or photos can add a bit of spice to your interior and is super affordable if done correctly! We’d recommend hopping on Etsy and purchasing digital artwork for as little as $5 and printing them out in black and white.

Halloween Coffee Bar, Halloween Artwork

📸: @jojos_home_decor

Add your new prints to already existing photo frames you may have in the house, and simply swap them out after the holiday season is over!

Let’s Make the Lighting a Bit More Spooky 

Your Halloween dinner party will bring all the spooky vibes when you use lighting that may feel like it comes straight from the Stranger Things set. 

And it’s super simple! Just simply swap out your existing lighting with a more dim, or dark orange, bulb. 

Holloween Lighting, Cozy Space

📸: @chilly_autumn

Make a Spine-chilling Candle Arrangement 

If you feel like adding more to your DIY night, wine-bottle candle holders are a super simple, and affordable way to spook up your candle arrangement. 

Buy some white tapered candles, wash out your wine bottles and place your candle into the bottle's opening. Burn slowly while watching, of course, to add a droopy and spooky wax effect down the bottle.

Remember, the holiday seasons you love don’t have to come with a sacrifice of your own personal style and taste. 

Halloween Candle Decor Pumpkins

📸: @house_of_beo

We’d recommend checking back with our blog here at DecorMatters every holiday season whenever you’re stuck on how to get into the spirit but want to keep class in mind!

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