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Ideas & Inspiration

Dining Room Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

by DecorMatters|updated Oct 19, 2021

Your dining room should serve as the main area of gathering for meals with loved ones, but with the convenience of relocating to the kitchen or living room with the TV instead, dining rooms are often neglected with its dated decor or built-up clutter. From bold to neutral, there are a variety of ways to spruce up a room with more than just a table and chairs. With our dining room decorating ideas and inspiration, you can give your dining room the makeover and attention it deserves!

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Bold Look

Creating a bold room can be as simple as choosing unique pieces for the main furnishings in a dining room, which includes a dining table and chairs. This room should function as a place for gathering and creating a bold look will definitely draw people in. Take this opportunity to design a fun space by mixing a multitude of colors, patterns, textures and shapes through furnishings and wall decor. For example, incorporating a bench adds extra seating, but also provides visual interest to the eyes because of the mix between bigger and smaller seating arrangements.

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Unique Wall

What better way to start a conversation than with a unique wall? Whether you are designing a bold or neutral space, decorating one unique wall adds great artistic value to a room. Some fun dining room wall decor ideas include hanging huge art pieces or a bunch of smaller ones, applying wallpaper, or painting a creative accent wall. If you are looking for dining room decorating ideas on a budget to decorate a large wall in your dining room, you can take plates and other kitchen utensils to create a piece of art that fully embraces what the room represents.

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Statement Lighting

There typically is not much in a dining room compared to most rooms in the house and this is your chance to make your lighting a centerpiece. Statement lighting pieces vary in looks and sizes depending on whether you have a lot going on in your design or are keeping it more simple. Hanging large lighting fixtures from the ceiling directly above your dining table ties the room together and creates a cozy feeling. A chandelier adds a glamorous touch to your space whereas a gold geometric lighting fixture incorporates a modern dining room idea.

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Bar Cart

A bar cart is the perfect extra feature to include in your dining room because it is welcoming, offers your guests something different, and it looks nice as decoration! You can style it with plants, your favorite drinks, mints, and other home decor for dining rooms. Additionally, a bar cart is convenient as it can easily travel from one area of the room to another, which is helpful in serving your guests in a fun way. The mobility of a bar cart makes it a great option for small dining room decorating ideas because it takes up less space than a decorative storage shelf and can be moved to another room when needed for extra space.

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Keep it Simple

Sometimes keeping it simple, neutral, or minimal is the best look for your house and style, but that does not mean that your dining room should be left undecorated and forgotten. Casual dining room ideas include pieces that are clean and straightforward. A beautiful set of matching wooden or colored chairs paired with a clean and simple table can dramatically transform a boring room to a stylish one.

If these dining room decorating ideas have inspired you to makeover your space, test out various layouts with different dining tables, chairs, and home decor for your dining room with our free DecorMatters app!

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